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Given the unprecedented levels of data emerging and the push for going paperless in Dubai, the cloud will play an increasingly important role for businesses and government alike.

Fady Richmany

Senior Director & General Manager — UAE, DELL Technologies

In the UAE, we have all seven of our technology brands. We are currently the leading technology company that offers end-to-end solutions. We are on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, where emerging technologies such AI, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and more will enhance productivity, efficiency and sustainability. Organizations have access to unprecedented levels of data, all of which needs to be stored, accessed, analyzed, and presented to users in a streamlined manner. Dell Technologies is constantly exploring routes to help customers become digital and showcasing how the transformative innovation, partnerships, and essential technology we provide will move them and their ideas forward. Our ability to deliver end-to-end IT and data solutions will help us continue to successfully develop digital transformation frameworks in the years to come. Dell Technologies is committed to helping government entities and organizations operating in the UAE develop new capabilities and adopt technology at the heart of their business.

Mark Walker

Director UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa, Nexsan

Nexsan is a US-based company operating in the enterprise data storage market. Our products are manufactured in either California or the UK. We sell a large capacity, highly reliable data center storage product. Within the context of the UAE, our core business is to deploy this technology as part of digital video surveillance solutions. Dubai is an extremely high tech and secure city, and there is a large volume of CCTV cameras, making the market strategic for Nexsan. Typically, images from CCTV networks are kept for a statutory period of 90 days, which creates a significant demand for data storage. We have a strong partner in the region that supplies these solutions, which has allowed Nexsan to develop and maintain strong business in Dubai, the wider UAE, and the Middle East region. We work with many different types of end users, including governments, hotel groups, shopping malls, and the military. Though Nexsan is not the largest storage company in the world, we have excellent brand recognition in the UAE and wider region.

Mohamed Amer

Vice President & Regional General Manager Middle East & Africa, Mohamed Amer

Annual spending on digital transformation is more than USD40 billion. Xerox works with documents, both physical and digital, and we need to communicate and manipulate it in both ways. The core of Xerox, xerography, is a type of communication. Any technology company has to have cloud ability, cloud readiness, or to be an integral part of the cloud, and Xerox has all three. All of our products come with a platform called ConnectKey. This is an intuitive platform that has the look and feel of an iPad. You download applications and upload and retrieve information to the cloud. You can download, translate, and send a document from the device. All of these things are cloud based, but very personalized. We get together with subject experts in banking or oil and gas for example, and we try to understand the workflow and then design an app that allows a document to be scanned and sent to the cloud. Xerox is investing heavily in AI products. Xerox is working on ways to enable IoT regardless of our devices.

Vijayan K. Raman

Managing Director, Emtech Group

Our lives are significantly intertwined with IT, and we are continuously moving into seamless connectivity and integration of the digital, virtual, and physical worlds, facilitated by cloud computing. The infrastructure, and specifically its trustworthiness, are of the utmost importance as it provides the backbone of communication technologies. Therefore, we started training people on infrastructure by becoming a partner of Cisco and Microsoft. Demand for storage is increasing, namely because we are creating exponentially increasing amounts of data. This is translating into trends such as big data and analytics, which are important and demanding. Storing this data becomes a herculean task. We want to consult in that, especially as cloud solutions develop. The ruler of Dubai is a visionary leader. His vision comes from the imagination, and he puts imagination in front and center. He has removed a number of barriers for everyone. And these opportunities will only expand as the whole world to comes to Dubai and exchanges ideas during Expo 2020.



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