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Lida Pabón

COLOMBIA - Industry

Lida Pabón

President, Pinturas Tito Pabó


Since 2009, Lida Pabón has been the head of Pinturas Tito Pabón, where, as a leader, she has focused her experience on leading the company. Along with her management, she has promoted the creation and development of products with zero and low volatile organic compounds that express the company’s commitment to the environment. Pabón has also promoted educational campaigns on recycling within the company as well as in the communities where it works. She studied literature, pedagogy, and conflict resolution and was a teacher for 28 years.

TBY talks to Lida Pabón, President of Pinturas Tito Pabón, on its commitment to the fabrication of products that do not impact the environment or health and its extensive community service efforts.

How was 2017 for the company?

2017 presented a few challenges for the company. First, we focused on searching for safe products; there is a continuing discussion about using safe products in the chemical industry and how finding products that do not impact the environment or health is difficult. Nonetheless, we want to change the mindset and work toward creating an ethical industry. It is normal for private companies to seek benefits; however, those benefits should be earned in an honest and ethical way: by selling environmentally friendly products that are produced with the society in mind. In Latin America, there are no strict policies and regulations regarding raw materials for the production of chemical products. This is the reason why the company has been working on this idea for around nine years; we look to be leaders on this matter. With the aforementioned concerns in mind, we decided to design safe products, and the idea came to fruition with the launch of an environmentally friendly product line called Green Heritage, a product line comprising more than 100 products for indoor use that are designed to keep the earth’s volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels in check. The products respect the atmosphere and counter the risks posed by VOC against the ozone layer.

Can you tell us more about your social responsibility program Colores que reparan?

All businesses share a collective responsibility in the society they operate in; a business is successful only if it shares the success with the community. Pinturas Tito Pabón takes pride in undertaking responsible initiatives in the community. For example, Colores que reparan is a social program that gives us the opportunity to give hope to people through painting; we paint entire towns that have been destroyed in the internal conflict and rebuild these communities with the assistance of artists and painters. In addition, we collect the trash that is thrown into the rivers and spread awareness of recycling by turning the waste into decorative pieces.

Who are the main partners and clients that you’re working with?

The company’s most important partners are the suppliers of raw materials, such as Dow Chemicals and BASF. Our contracted suppliers, with whom we enjoy friendly relations, provide us with the latest raw materials. For example, I frequently visit Dow’s facilities to contribute to the improvement in its chemical components and pursue the fabrication of safer products. In addition, our client base extends to the local government, artists, and the general public.

What is your strategy to become a leader in Latin America’s industry?

We plan to further strengthen our customer relations along with finding efficient ways to spread our message. For example, a Latin American football cup for people who use our paint is in the pipeline. No other player in the industry is involved in anything like this; such events are a great opportunity for businesses to build strong customer relations.

What are your main goals for 2018?

Our number-one goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to build a successful business on the back of an ethical business model. The whole company is driven with a day-to-day focus on minimizing the risks posed by our products, because we respect the society and our client’s quality of life. Despite numerous unpopular business practices and a sales force, we are growing at a steady pace because we have a profound belief that honesty pays out in the end.



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