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Jaime Alberto Herrera Dí­az

COLOMBIA - Green Economy

Colombia’s energy sector

General Manager, Varichem


Jaime Alberto Herrera Dí­az is a petroleum engineer who also holds an MBA in international management He brings extensive experience on environmental and risk management projects for the oil and gas industry. He has more than 22 years directing projects and seeing to the implementation of inland and offshore projects, including supplying specialized products and equipment, risk and environmental assessments, oil waste treatment projects, emergency and contingency plans preparation, oil spills response, and ICS implementation.

TBY talks to Jaime Alberto Herrera Dí­az,

What does Varichem offer to key players in Colombia’s energy sector?

We are a company with 22 years in the industry, during which time we have developed a series of divisions, one of which is consulting. We are responsible for developing and updating emergency plans, contingency and risk management, and providing the basis of action in times of emergency that can result from an oil spill, which is our specialty. We work with the entire oil industry, which has clear policies and a defined social and environmental responsibility, whereby a good contingency plan is vital. As an expert in emergency care and clean technologies, we have been developing such technologies to offer the oil industry options, although they are not the cheapest solutions. Companies should have more specific and higher compliance levels at the environmental level in order to optimally close the cycle. We must look for a balance of green technology, and learn to develop it, with companies adapting their environmental policy to commercial practices. The areas where exploitation already exists have already suffered the initial impact, although the natural resilience of the environment allows for a return to the original state. Today, we see that in many of these areas, improvement programs can be implemented to reduce that existing impact. We must act on lessons learned and close the circle of repeatedly damaging the environment. We are convinced that clean water treatment plants can recycle effectively. The issue of oily residues is covered by clear rules for compliance and security. We strive to incorporate innovations arising worldwide to reduce environmental liabilities and environmental impact, achieving the right balance. We are optimistic about 2019, as companies here completed their restructuring processes in 2017 and 2018. We believe that 2019 will be a year of reactivation, new challenges, and developments.



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