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Khalid Ahmed M. Al-Shangiti CEO

SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Completely Different Ballgame

CEO, Ebttikar Technology Company


Khalid Ahmed M. Al-Shangiti became CEO of Ebttikar in July 2015 after previously serving as CEO of Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services. Prior to that, he was Vice-President for IT at Jadwas Investment and CTO at the National Agriculture Development Company (NADEC). He holds a bachelor’s and master’s in computer science from Arkansas State University..

€‹TBY talks to Khalid Ahmed M. Al-Shangiti, CEO of Ebttikar, on the IT sector.

How have Ebttikar’s operations advanced in recent years?

We have been in business as a subsidiary of the National Technology Group since 2008, but were launched in 2003 as the result of a merger between three companies. We are a system integrator and an end-to-end IT systems provider. Ebttikar’s biggest strength is client relations, providing added value to clients, and guiding the client to choose the best option. Some of our accounts have been with us or our predecessor for 30-40 years now, which is a clear proof of our ability to deliver and maintain customer satisfaction over decades, given all the developments and competition in the market. There has been a massive technology shift globally in the last few years, and companies today no longer require an IT department as they can outsource all these tasks. Our assets are our employees, and they have the highest certificates from companies such as Cisco and Huawei.

What role does a technology company like yours play in transforming the country?

Vision 2030 provides opportunities for every kind of technology company. They have a chance to guide the direction of the leaders of the country, especially when it comes to transforming the economy. Tech companies should be extremely agile to adopt changes, and we must understand our customers’ business drivers and provide technological solutions capable of achieving their business objectives. For the last two years, we have been changing steadily to adopt new technologies and services in order to meet our customers’ business objectives. There are high expectations, and everyone has to contribute, including the female workforce. It will be a completely different ballgame, completely centered around achieving customer business objectives rather than selling technology solutions.



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