The Business Year

Jorge Iribarren

General Manager, Metro Telecom

Moises N. Abadi

General Manager, Liberty Technologies

What have been some of your success stories in the sector? Jorge Iribarren In Panama, there are many companies that offer hybrid fibers; therefore, we decided to work on a […]

What have been some of your success stories in the sector?

Jorge Iribarren In Panama, there are many companies that offer hybrid fibers; therefore, we decided to work on a company that only focuses on optical fiber. The pillar for any company is great connectivity; reliable fiber optics is fundamental and we have been able to successfully develop fiber optics, especially in the capital. Today, there are no tools in the system that are better than fiber optics and that is what we offer our clients: permanent connection. If a company wants to connect various branches it can do so, no matter if it is in the interior of the country or in the city center: this is the service that we provide. Moreover, we provide internet access dedicated internet-based fiber-optic infrastructure. We also work in maintenance and are working on two aspects for fiber optics. The first is on growth and space; the goal is to have the fiber network grow by 200km every year. When a company installs a fiber, it also has to maintain it and use specific equipment to develop and boost the connection. Every year, there is a growing demand for high-speed service; therefore, every year we have to invest in equipment that gives us better performance.

Moises N. Abadi We became the sole provider for the Internet Para Todos initiative in 2009 because we had the right technology and experience to be able to do a rapid deployment of stable service across the country. We have over 3 million registered users and hundreds of thousands of users connecting to the network every month. The initiative is extremely important, and we believe it has made a significant difference. We have seen the results over the years; students, people with special needs, and people with no access to connectivity were able to participate in the rapidly advancing world as a result of Internet Para Todos. The project has significantly changed the entire country. When we created the solution for Internet Para Todos, we sought to extend the reach as much as possible. It is a business; at the same time, a company has a bigger responsibility when it participates in such initiatives. We sought to get the system to as many people as possible. Places in the interior such as Santiago and Aguadulce are becoming hubs in Panama and some of it has to do with the fact that we gave people in those cities access to global knowledge with Internet Para Todos.

How do you generate greater create awareness about your brand and the benefits to a potential user?

JI We seek clients who want a permanent connection, clients that need to be connected 24/7. We work with those who truly need continuous access to the internet to provide excellence of service and reliability. In 2017, we focused on new client expansion we have been working a great deal on the creation of the network and its expansion. Internally, we want to have the best product and this is the message we want to share with our clients. We have also started to educate the markets; we promote this in the media and on the radio, and will launch a new digital promotion. We will promote our services in the interior of the country as well. We are here to provide a quality service for our clients.

MNA A decade ago, we started selling the WiMAX modems in the supermarkets and people could buy them, plug it in, and have access to the internet. We now have the next version, an auto-provisioned service. Customers can purchase it with a credit card and it activates itself. For broadband home service, this is peculiar because it is not seen in many places. We have had many visitors from other countries come in to see what they can replicate in other cities. In Panama, we also saw an opportunity and sought a way to provide access similar to Internet Para Todos that would be commercially sustainable. We decided to create an entire platform called Wigo that allows us to use segmentation and location to create a live portal based on different features taking place at the moment. People do not go onto websites anymore and if companies truly want to communicate with customers we give them enough room in the portal that they can use to promote their services. We have 1.4 million users right now and 8 million connections a month. It is a large network with a great deal of activity.



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