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Borja Sanz de Madrid

COLOMBIA - Health & Education

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Global Operations Director, PIDEKA


Borja Sanz de Madrid brings over 15 years of experience in emerging markets. He is currently serving as CEO of Inhabit SAS Colombia, where he introduced innovative, market-leading European construction technology and products to the Latin American market. He is also BCE Investment Group’s manager and head of negotiation.

First and only indoor licensed producer in Colombia

One thing that sets PIDEKA apart is the way it’s designing its growth operation, which is set to be the largest indoor operation in Colombia. What advantage does this give you?
PIDEKA is the first and only indoor-licensed producer with a tissue culture laboratory and solvent and solvent-less extraction labs in Colombia. Soon, our labs will be GMP certified. Indoor facilities allow absolute control over all variables such as moisture, temperature, lighting conditions, nutrition, and every other possible consideration in terms of variable control. This is the most efficient way to consistently produce high-quality, medical-grade product, and the only way to have consistency in cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

How does PIDEKA’s model gives it an enhanced presence in international markets?
The international impact of PIDEKA is based on its indoor model, which has the highest technology and state-of-the-art precision controls. In addition, we will have GMP certifications that will allow us to compete internationally.

What role has PIDEKA played in the development of the cannabis sector in Colombia?
PIDEKA has focused on the development of research processes with a model of 20 plants, which at the time was what the law allowed; this helped us to generate a pilot study with patients of different symptoms, supported by health professionals with whom we were able to create a database that served to assert that cannabis had medicinal uses. Thanks to this, we were able to contribute knowledge and share it with the sector and thus create an industry that was additionally leveraged by emerging regulations. PIDEKA was the sixth company in the country to obtain a license in 2015, and it was recertified again in 2019.

What is your development strategy for a market that’s growing more competitive?
The main strategy is to achieve the standardization of production processes and products to become competitive in the international market, all the while positioning our products strategically and differentiating ourselves from the competition.

How is PIDEKA advancing the scientific status of medicinal cannabis?
The company has started to generate cooperation initiatives in development and research with recognized national universities such as the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano and the ECCI. Progress has also been made in agreements with high-level public entities such as AGROSAVIA, which will validate all PIDEKA production processes through its globally certified laboratories.

What is your approach toward developing products for medical care?
In the pilot phase of research, test products were developed based on the global theoretical framework already in use, and with our new infrastructure we will be able to guarantee the standardization of our products. Additionally, our alliances with pharmaceutical laboratories will allow us to generate new forms of administration for different symptoms and treatments.

How can Colombia fully exploit its advantages to become a medical cannabis leader?
The International Narcotics Control Board has awarded Colombia a 44% quota of the global cannabis market, which means the national industry has the opportunity to supply an emerging market and generate significant income for the country. On the other hand, thanks to the current law, if a company has the capacity to produce on a large scale, it is allowed to contribute toward this quota.

What is next for PIDEKA?
We will focus in particular on brand positioning, international growth, strategic alliances in the US, Canada, and Europe, and the creation of new pharmaceutical products thanks to our alliances and studies developed by the department of agronomic research and development. PIDEKA will be recognized as one of the main producers and distributors of medicinal cannabis derivatives, and with our phytosanitary certificate, we will be the world’s seed bank.



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