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Constanza Losada

MEXICO - Health & Education

Constanza Losada

President & CEO, Pfizer Mexico


Constanza Losada is the President & CEO of Pfizer Mexico, a company she has worked for more than 12 years. She started as finance director for Latin America’s southern corn and later played different roles in supporting Pfizer innovative business segment in emerging markets. She has worked for Pfizer in China, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Most recently, she headed Pfizer’s biopharma business line in Latin America.

Pfizer works across developed and emerging markets to work on prevention, treatments, and cures that improve people's lives and enhance patient outcomes.

What do you consider to have been Pfizer’s main achievements of 2020 in the Mexican market?

At Pfizer, our purpose is clear: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We strive every day and in every country where we have a presence to set the highest standards of quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative therapies. This, of course, applies to the Mexican market and is the guide that keeps us year after years as a leader in the sector. Over the last year, our greatest achievements at Pfizer has been the unprecedented research to develop, in partnership with BioNTech, a vaccine against COVID-19. This, together with the successful collaboration with the Mexican government, has allowed our vaccine to be the first to arrive and be applied in Latin America. Our achievements, however, are not limited to such a breakthrough. We continue to work hard on innovative therapies that improve people’s lives and to ensure that science and innovation continue to transform the course of the country. Additionally, we are extremely excited because we are celebrating our 70th anniversary in Mexico, which will make us redouble our efforts and work for Mexican people.

In what way is Pfizer collaborating with the public sector and other players in the private sector to accelerate the vaccination program in the country?

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign strategy in Mexico is being headed by the government of Mexico. Since last October 2020, Pfizer reached an agreement to supply 34.4 million doses of our vaccine. Our role is to bring our vaccine as fast as possible to Mexico and continue collaborating with the government to distribute the vaccine to the point of use designated by them. This excites us and commits us to be a key player for more Mexicans to be immunized as soon as possible and, of course, we will continue to work hand in hand with the Mexican government to achieve this goal together.

What changes did you implement in your business model to adapt to the challenges of the new normal and ensure supply of your products during the pandemic?

The public health emergency we have been facing for more than a year has forced us to make adaptations in some parts of our operations. Since March 2020, Pfizer’s headquarters have been under the home office model, while the Pfizer plant in Toluca, being an elementary activity, has implemented high-level safety and health protocols to protect the health of our employees. Fortunately, Pfizer’s nature is one of innovation and adaptation. One of our key pillars since a couple of years ago is to win the digital race in pharma to expedite the drug discovery and development process and to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. This indeed had allowed us to accelerate the digital transformation to better serve our stakeholders and to ensure the supply of our products, thanks to the commitment and effort of all our employees and partners.

What new products are you incorporating into your pipeline in Mexico?

Pfizer’s innovative DNA commits us to continue bringing life-changing therapies to people. That is why our aspiration is to bring 15 new medicines by 2022. Of these, 13 will be available in Mexico in therapeutic areas such as oncology, inflammation, and internal medicine. Just last year, Pfizer Mexico launched four innovations: three of them for our oncology category and one in inflammation. However, in 2021 we expect to introduce nine breakthroughs for our patients. We are committed to bring the most innovative therapies for all the categories we operate, including: vaccines, internal medicine, rare diseases, inflammation, oncology, and anti-infectives.

What are your main goals and priorities for 2021?

In the company’s 171-year history and seven decades of presence in Mexico, we are more excited than ever to continue bringing innovative therapies that improve patients’ lives. We want to bring better therapies and breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We will continue working with the authorities to mitigate the health emergency.



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