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Constanza Losada

MEXICO - Health & Education

Constanza Losada

President & CEO, Pfizer Mexico


Constanza Losada is the President & CEO of Pfizer Mexico, a company she has worked for more than 12 years. She started as finance director for Latin America’s southern corn and later played different roles in supporting Pfizer innovative business segment in emerging markets. She has worked for Pfizer in China, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Most recently, she headed Pfizer’s biopharma business line in Latin America.

As one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines and therapeutics, Pfizer is committed to supporting others in rapidly getting life-saving breakthroughs into the hands of patients as quickly as possible.

What is your mission as Pfizer’s country manager for Mexico?
Mexico is one of the most important markets in Latin America, and it is also one of the most important markets for Pfizer. The company is recognized as the leading pharmaceutical company in the country because of the reputation it has built over the past seven years. We have been recognized for our commitment to transparency: in January 2020, we received a certificate for our transparent practices by CETIFARMA, and in 2019, we were rated as the best company to work for in Mexico. We are a strong company in Mexico, and we are committed to this country and the wellbeing of our patients, who are placed at the center of everything we do. We focus our efforts on research and advances, talent acquisition and development, as well as transforming the current commercial model and earning our place in the technological race within the pharmaceutical sector. We have been in Mexico for the past 70 years, committed to the health of all Mexicans; our goal is to benefit 5 million recipients in 2020. We will launch five new products in 2020. We are extremely proud to announce our first biosimilar product for the oncology portfolio in Mexico.

How has COVID-19 impacted Pfizer’s business model in Mexico?
We monitor all sources of information regarding COVID-19, and our effort goes toward supporting our patients and colleagues. Pfizer has adopted five strategies that will help scientists bring forward therapies and vaccines to protect humankind from this escalating pandemic and prepare the industry to better respond to future health crises. First, Pfizer is committed to releasing its vital tools on an open source platform for the broader scientific community and to sharing data with other companies in real time to rapidly advance therapies and vaccines to patients. Second, human capital is our most valuable resource, and we have created a SWAT team of leading virologists, biologists, chemists, clinicians, epidemiologists, vaccine experts, pharmaceutical scientists, and other key experts to focus solely on addressing this pandemic. Third, although many smaller biotech companies are screening compounds or existing therapies to fight the coronavirus, some lack the experience in late-stage development; therefore, Pfizer is committed to sharing its clinical development and regulatory expertise to support the most promising candidates these companies bring forward. Fourth, once a therapy or vaccine is approved, it will need to be rapidly scaled and deployed around the world to put an end to this pandemic, and as one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines and therapeutics, Pfizer is committed to supporting others in rapidly getting these life-saving breakthroughs into the hands of patients as quickly as possible. Finally, Pfizer is reaching out to federal agencies including NIH, NIAID, and CDC with plans to build a cross-industry rapid response team of scientists, clinicians, and technicians that is able to move into action immediately when future epidemics surface.

How has the pandemic impacted Pfizer?
So far, we have not seen a significant difference in demand. We are working across the globe to ensure that our production does not decline, so that our patients can obtain the treatment they need.

What are your priorities for 2020 and 2021?
Our main goal is aligned with our purpose: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. Innovation, when it comes to health, is about improving people’s lives. Yes, it is about research and development of new therapies and manufacturing meds, but it is also about the creation of digital platforms to accompany our patients. Pfizer is among the global pharma companies that invest the most in R&D, with 15% of its revenue directed toward it. In 2019, this figure was USD8 billion. Investing in research is still very much our priority for 2020. Our plan is to launch 13 new products by 2022. Another one of our priorities is to maintain our position as the number-one company in terms of excellence and transparency. We want to be part of Mexico’s economic and productive development.



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