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As one of the main drivers of socioeconomic development and job creation, Mozambique's construction sector has become a hotbed for highly successful construction companies from across the world.

Reinier Meyjes

Director, Fenix Construction Services

We established our business in Vilanculos, Mozambique in 1999. At first a small business, we have been gradually growing and assuming more substantial projects. We initially focused on tourism, the main driver of the economy in Vilanculos. We built a number of luxury resorts in Vilanculos and Bazaruto, but following the global economic crisis in 2008, we decided to relocate the business to Maputo and diversify. We started a few construction projects related to tourism and leisure. In 2013, we decided to undertake the implementation of a real estate development in Palma, in the north of Mozambique. I see quite a lot of potential in mining at the moment; we were involved in the realization of an innovative recovery project for a ruby mine. Working alongside a specialist mining contractor, we learned much in this area and look forward to assuming similar projects in the future. In 2016, we also started operations in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality, on-time, and well-finished product at a fair price.

Carlos Neto

Country Manager, Construçíµes Gabriel A.S. Couto Mozambique

Gabriel Couto is a family-owned company with 71 years of history. We have expanded to become an international player in the construction field with operations across Europe, Africa, and Central America. In Africa, we first ventured into the biggest Lusophone markets, Angola and Mozambique, and then went on to penetrate Zambia, Eswatini, Senegal, and others. We have been present in Mozambique for over two decades. At first, we operated under a joint venture with a local company. Starting from 2010, we started operating under the name Gabriel Couto. We first started working on large public projects for the government and later ventured into two large private projects, one in the mining field for Vale and one for the LNG project led by Total. At present, our focus is predominantly on significative infrastructure projects. We started working on the airstrip project for the L&G project, led by Total, in 2018. It has been an honor to be awarded this project, as it is a vote of confidence in our know-how.

Christoff Burhenne

Branch Director Mozambique, Christoff Burhenne

Africa has been at the center of our operations since our company was founded in 1988. Our current project portfolio includes a variety of infrastructure sectors such as rural electrification in Senegal, road infrastructure in Angola, port development in Uganda, and water supply infrastructure in Mozambique. Our longevity and on-the-ground presence in the African markets is our main strength. Apart from engineering expertise, we also offer consultancy for financing solutions, with good access to European financing institutions and export credit insurance agencies. We have been observing the Mozambican market for a long time, before we started working on the Maputo-Katembe Bridge Project. It is not only the biggest suspension bridge in Africa, but also a landmark project for Mozambique. Notably, the Maputo Katembe Bridge is the only project that has been awarded two times in a row in the history of the Fulton Award. Thanks to the bridge, there is now potential to develop Katembe as an alternative economic center that is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Maputo.

Ricardo Nicolas Kaidussis

Administrator, Rodio Rosond Moçambique

Mining geotechnical engineering in Mozambique is still at an early stage, which explains why we have been focusing our work on the construction field. We have established ourselves as specialists and market leaders in geotechnical. In this field, we have developed 93 projects of large dimensions in Mozambique during our six years of operations. These include the 100-MW Maputo gas fired combined cycle power plant, the New Matola municipality building, the Gorongosa dam project, the Macuzi railway line, and the 400-MW Globeleq power station. Our main limitation is that we are a local company with foreign capital, and thus we cannot execute any project for the state in the first 10 years of operation, despite having the technical capabilities. We have a full mastery of the service we provide, so this makes the reference company in the sector in terms of quality. For example, we are the only company in Mozambique capable of performing vibro-compaction. Moreover, we have worked on getting top classification licenses, so that we can work with international clients.



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