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Abdullah Saeed Khalfan Al Qamzi

Managing Director, Khidmah LLC

Joe Ong

Managing Director, Tamouh Investments LLC

As projects get off the ground, a number of companies in Abu Dhabi are offering services and investment to keep the ball rolling.

What factors contributed to this growth and how are you carrying it into 2015?

ABDULLAH SAEED KHALFAN AL QAMZI The services industry has seen increased demands across the board, and that is where we can capitalize. It is something that has contributed to our success. Khidmah is not going to grow unless what we are doing is being well received by the market; additionally, the relationship between previously unassociated activities—property management, strata management, and facility management—have more synergy at Khidmah today. They capitalize on the proximity to each other under the one umbrella, providing a full service to a unified standard. This concept has been successful and proved itself with the growth we have had over the past six years. Since its inception, Khidmah has grown 100% per year. We are still maintaining that trend, and in 2015 we are even expanding beyond our borders. We are very much a national company, licensed and offering services in most of the Emirates, including Abu Dhabi and the Western Region. In addition to our national coverage, we are expanding our GCC presence as well. As of today, we are in the final stages of licensing an office in Saudi Arabia, and we are also expanding Khidmah offices across the rest of the Emirates.

JOE ONG Looking ahead, we are positive about the market dynamics, and we believe that we will see more people coming into Abu Dhabi in 2015. Probably in a year or so, it will be a different kind of market. For developers like ourselves, the first question we ask whenever there is a planned project is, “is the infrastructure there?” In Abu Dhabi, we know it is. Then, our role is to do what it takes to build sustainable, smart, and environmentally friendly developments, and bring in new concepts to the city. In the future, we ultimately plan to cater to the end users and we will be adapting our strategy accordingly, allowing us to engage in a direct relation with the buyers, and understanding their preferences better.

Adopting green solutions and smart technology are two major aspects of Khidmah’s services. What are some services you offer in that regard?

ASKAQ One of the initiatives that we are using at the moment is drone technology and robots with thermal cameras. This combines technology with a green impact as it allows us to handle building inspections to find leaks and so fourth with thermal imaging. The drones add value because they increase our range. We can investigate towers to see, for example, where cold or warm air might be escaping. We can identify where the leaks are and stop them, and, therefore, reduce the cost of operations. It is more environmentally friendly, and reduces the carbon footprint of the structure. Khidmah always has a project on hand, we are always thinking outside of the box and thinking of how we can reduce energy consumption and be more effective, efficient, and eco-friendly, ensuring that all the lights are LED, for example. One of my favorite projects that I worked on was the zero carbon footprint mosque, where we not only reduced the actual cost, but also the energy consumption of that structure by 40%.

How does Tamouh’s slogan “Ambitions Unlimited” reflect the objectives of the company?

JO When we started the company, there was a lot happening in Abu Dhabi and the company’s strategy was still taking shape. We weren’t particularly focused on creating a specific type of apartment or building; rather, our ambition was to contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi, which we believed was unlimited. At the time, the government was heavily promoting the industrial, education, and the healthcare sectors, which first created demand for residential units, then for commercial space. This is when we started planning the development of Reem Island. Subsequently, there was a larger demand for leisure activities and our ambition was to cater to all those needs; therefore, we created a sports and adventure facility, Wadi Adventure in Al Ain. As long as Abu Dhabi is evolving, our ambition is to be a part of this development and build communities and projects that add value to the quality of life in the capital.



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