The Business Year

Cybersecurity has become central to business operations everywhere, especially for Panama's financial sector. These companies offer tailor-made solutions to both local and international players.

Juan Carlos Garcí­a Villalaz

General Manager, Solusoft

In the last few years, we have transformed our company. We have been the main Oracle partner in Panama for many years. We are present in all major corporations and government entities as well. A few years ago, we made the decision to expand our product portfolio to enter other business areas and fulfill more of our customers’ needs. We decided to partner with other top manufacturers like Amazon web services, Diamondtrace, and Cisco. We have about 40 different partnerships, of which 25 are active. We do business with them, and the rest are potential partnerships for specialized applications that may arise. We continually emphasize human resources, training, and certifications. Our work environment is professional, and people like working here. In the near future, we will tackle new challenges, helping our customers undertake their digital transformations. We are transforming ourselves as well and helping our customers face new challenges in a competitive environment.

Raphael Evans

General Manager, Smartbytes

In 2019, we want to grow by double digits while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. That is something we do not want to sacrifice for the sake of more revenue. Cybersecurity is at the center of IT worldwide. Panama is no exception, so we will continue to push our cybersecurity program for the private and public sectors. Symantec is our latest business partner, and it helps us strength our portfolio with DLP, advance threat protection, and cloud security, among others. As far as our corporate culture goes, it is extremely important to show our appreciation for our employees as they are our most valuable asset. Keeping them happy and motivated is as important as growing financially. We also put our customers at the center of everything we do. Many companies focus on what competitors are doing, so they miss the point. If we want to maximize awareness of our product and services, we need to make sure we surpass our customers’ expectations.

Sergio Heker

CEO, Sergio Heker

We have seen the market evolve from the early days, when organizations only had anti-virus software. We had to educate them on what a firewall was. At that time, I was the first to introduce a firewall to the US and Latin America not as a product, but as a service. We were the first to use the term managed security service (MSS). The technology that we used was from Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. As the market evolved, so has GLESEC in the past 16 years. We innovate constantly, quickly adopting emerging technologies and developing our own. GLESEC differentiates itself with its breadth and depth of offerings, its unique intellectual property, and its scope of operations. We entered Panama in 2005 and have been successful, particularly in the financial sector, working with the government and other organizations. The financial sector has evolved drastically with respect to cybersecurity since 2011, becoming more sophisticated and demanding.

Aramis Villasmil

COO, Nextcom

We want to break paradigms in 2019. The Security Operation Center is good news for customers with us on Trend Micro platforms. It is an office dedicated exclusively to cybercrime. In addition, we will continue to target SMEs, as that sector has a great deal of potential, especially in Panama. One growth area for 2020 will be remote security. Overall, we are optimistic about the growth aspects of the Panamanian market. We must target all industries and will do so via partnerships. For example, Cable & Wireless is a key commercial partner. For the medium term, we are considering expanding into Ecuador and other Andean countries. In the long term, we want to expand our operations in Mexico because of the size of the market. The problem with Mexico is that the channels are in a comfort zone, and that is part of the complaint of manufacturers. On the other hand, the Andean region is so well placed from a geographical point of view that it is worth investing due the proximity and language.



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