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KUWAIT - Economy

Dalal Al-Ghanim

CEO, Chairman’s Club


Dalal Al-Ghanim is the CEO of Chairman’s Club. She holds a BA in advertising from American University of Beirut, an MA in public relations management from Syracuse University in the US, and a BA in fine arts from the Academy of Art College, San Francisco in the US. She was previously general manager of the Chairman’s Club before becoming its CEO in 2015. She was also previously with Gulf Consult and the Commercial Bank of Kuwait.

"The Chairman’s Club has the atmosphere of getting together the same as public relations."
TBY talks to Dalal Al-Ghanim, CEO of Chairman’s Club, about the group’s activities.
What can you tell us about the Chairman’s Club activities?

The Chairman’s Club has the atmosphere of getting together the same as public relations. I did my master’s degree in public relations from Syracuse University in New York. This helped me fit in this business much more. We are an organization that encourages, networking on a high level with the possibilities of creating an environment for collaboration. Our goal is to facilitate change, bring businesses leaders together, and help them make valuable connections.

What is your message for young people looking to have a meaningful career?

The most important thing is to continue learning. They should focus on their education and prepare themselves for the future, whatever it may be. They must continue learning and surrounding themselves with people that help them grow. It is extremely important to keep up with the latest technology.

What skills and abilities should be fostered by the Kuwaiti education sector?

First we need to use market research to understand what skills are needed for the market of Kuwait. The world is changing rapidly, and we need to use up-to-date fresh information and take action quickly to help learning appropriate for our time. It would be great to see university professors exploring the market and teaching, and teaching their students what they have found from their research. There needs to be an informed cycle of knowledge transfer. Otherwise, we are just repeating echoes of the past and what we need are perspectives on the future; our youth needs to know how to find the right place for themselves in the market.



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