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Daniel Espinosa Ávila

MEXICO - Transport

Daniel Espinosa Ávila

General Director, Serviseg


Daniel Espinosa Ávila studied business administration and has worked in high-level positions in Banca Serfin and Banco del Atlántico. In addition, he has served as director of the firms SEPRO and Vitrales.

After starting out by selling alarm systems, Serviseg later diversified and transitioned to the security guard and equipment and systems businesses as well.

What is your perspective of the current state of the security sector in Mexico right now?

We are experiencing significant changes, and not just on the topic of the pandemic. Today, those companies that provide services through people are being demonized for not complying with taxes and the law. The government has implemented a series of regulations known as the Outsourcing Law. However, we have taken them on positively, since this will help us, above all, regulate the sector. The regulation is forcing us to demonstrate to customers that we are complying with the law. It is a great opportunity for those of us who are truly interested in this being a formal and professional business. Professionalizing people has always been our focus; it is how we grow and become bigger. If we have a differentiation, it is that: empowering people.

How is the training center that Serviseg opened helping to formalize the industry?

We have already opened the training center and are already working on training. We have been training not only our own people, but also those from other companies. Our certification center is already up and running, and we have a lab called APSIS that provides aviation, where we simulate an airport. There is an X-ray band, trace equipment, a waiting room for simulations, and so on. We work on both the theoretical and practical elements.

In what ways is the company further diversifying its portfolio?

We have grown so much in the security guard business that everybody who hears the name Serviseg knows we are all about security guards. We actually started out by selling alarm systems and later transitioned to the security guard business. When I was appointed to this position 10 years ago, I decided the company had to make changes so that people can once again see us as a company that sells equipment and systems. Serviseg acquired three companies in order to diversify, each one dedicated to a different segment. We have security dedicated exclusively to electronics and home automation. Serviseg is also dedicated to service security for airports and training. We then acquired a cleaning service company three years ago. Later, the pandemic hit, and then we started selling all the equipment related to protection and security, such as face masks, mouth covers, anti-bacterial gels, sanitizing kits, and other sanitizing equipment. We also recently formed an agreement with a US company that brings executives to Mexico for business in Mexico, and they book a driver and a secure vehicle for the trip. We pick them up at the airport, take them to their meetings or whatever they have to do, and bring them back to the airport, safe and sound. We started doing this shortly after the pandemic. We are also working with airlines on the issue of transporting their staff including flight attendants and pilots to and from the airport to their hotels in secure vehicles.

Considering all the changes in the market, what is the next step for Serviseg?

We are always interested in internationalizing and looking for business outside of Mexico. We did make some forays into Panama for training. We were asked by companies to certify them; our training is valid here and anywhere in the world. We sent some people to Panama and also Brazil for a topic related to certification. We do want to look for markets in other countries.



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