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Danny Herrera

ECUADOR - Green Economy

Danny Herrera

CEO, AFH Services


Danny Herrera is an engineer of chemical science who studied at the Central University of Ecuador. His professional experience includes quality control at Cadbury Adams, CEO of Escargots Exportation, and several positions at AFH Services Cia. Ltd, including quality manager and CEO. He is a Technical Expert in ISO 17025, an internal auditor for ISO 17025, and an expert in statistics for quality.

Danny Herrera is CEO of AFH Services.

How did AFH grow to be a leading laboratory in this market niche in Ecuador?

We established ourselves as AFH Services, a limited company, in 2013; however, we started operations as an unincorporated business in 2002, where a majority shareholder controlled the company. Some 20 years ago, the country was only starting to get acquainted with environmental issues, and most of what was done was copying models of other countries. We started working in this area firstly because the chemical engineering faculty of the Central University of Ecuador started to offer courses related to climate change and environmental topics backed by its experiences in Spain. We started to become familiar with international technologies, make references to EPA, learn from Spanish experiences, and translate these to better fit our local market. We started developing our own know-how based on a system that we knew worked and adapted to the legislation we had at the time. The legislation, laboratories, and companies have progressed forward, slow but steadily. For example, in the past we did not consider the ambient air quality such as a controlled parameter, a measurement that is extremely important around the world. Today, it is our number-one service. 

What type of air quality solutions do you offer for companies?

We provide important data for taking decisions by companies. For example, according to regulation, you can have 10,000 micrograms per cubic meters of carbon monoxide. In the results we provide, between 8am and 10am the levels are somewhat over the limit. With this data, we can tell companies that in that time frame they should not be working with their stationary sources at 100%. We could also tell them to get a better balance from the fuel they are using, or that they should evaluate improving their combustion ratio considering the heat output they require. This is a tool that enables companies to make timely and immediate decisions. Another example is when building road, and dust particles are raised. When we monitor, we can advise our clients if they are having excess amounts of dust and if that is the case, they should come up with alternative solutions.



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