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Ignacio Velilla

Rincón Managing Director, Equinix España

The goal of the company is to develop the digital infrastructure of the world. What moves us is the goal of providing digital infrastructure for every company to be connected. Interconnection is the key in all the services we provide; it is essential today to ensure companies can operate. Today, a data center can be located anywhere, so the value is the ecosystems that it generates around itself and its capacity to be connected to other players. We are talking about digital ecosystems for tourism or finance companies, among others. In other words, the value of the data center is enabling these ecosystems and allowing businesses to access them. We want to be a company that leaves its mark on the world’s digital transformation. Our focus is on boosting businesses’ capacities on the edge. It started with the product Network Edge, which was a virtual network distributed infrastructure that provides virtual network services that run on a modular infrastructure platform. Now, what we have included the services of Equinix Metal. It expands on the services that customers can get. It has many APIs to connect it to the many tools that software developers use. It allows customers to provide their services. In a nutshell, Metal is the fastest digital process to enter Equinix data centers.

Robert Assink

General Manager, Interxion

The main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the true independence. With Interxion, one can choose from retail from a single cabinet until wholesale, or large quantities of colocation services. We measure in either the number of racks or in IT power, measured in kilowatts or megawatts. Clients can buy 1kW from us or 3,000-5,000kW so we cover the entire range. We are 100% neutral and do not compete with our customers, system integrators, networks or anyone that provides a digital service. However, other companies have grown along the value chain whereby they start to compete with some of their customers. We are now working on building a new MAD4 data center with the engineering architecture. We expect to announce the official start in the coming months. The final stage will make it the largest data center in Spain, though we will execute it in phases. Depending on how big the first phase will be, the earliest we could open the doors is mid-2022 and depending on the processes it could take two years. We are always looking at opportunities to grow the business. Most of the companies in our large customer base worldwide are growing, and more than half of our new bookings come from existing customers.

Juan Vaamonde

Country Manager, Juan Vaamonde

Our strategy is based on attending to our customers’ needs and opening other markets across Europe. We are committed to making Europe aware of our values and the importance of data centers. These days, the data center industry constitutes an important part of the digital sector. We therefore want to take advantage of this surge to expand our overseas operations. We are currently focused on Spain, France, Italy, and Luxemburg and looking at Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The company aims to build up its presence in these countries and continue to grow in Spain, where there are high expectations from us. We were fortunate to have seen potential in Spain and have taken a gamble. Our key differentiator is our ability to adapt to suit our customers’ needs. What is more, we pride ourselves on our operational quality. We are extremely client oriented. Sustainability also runs in our DNA, and we know we can make an enormously positive impact. This is why we have developed tools such as Smart DC which allows us to measure the environmental impact of our equipment and that of our customers in order to reduce our carbon footprint. All the energy purchased by Data4 comes with a green certification, helping us support the development of new renewable technology projects.



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