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Alexander Punzenberger

President, COPA-DATA CEE / ME

Amjad Hafez

CEO, NourNet

With Vision 2030 resulting in a boom in demand for increasingly sophisticated and custom services, companies like the ones below are focused on providing the best and latest in technologies in line with growing needs.
What does Saudi Arabia mean for the company’s global portfolio?

ALEXANDER PUNZENBERGER COPA-DATA started our work in Saudi Arabia more than a decade ago with a focus on certain key accounts. Later, we qualified some more key accounts, which led to us opening our branch in Saudi to have a local presence and fulfill the requirements for the Saudization. The driver was the business opportunities in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We deliver our service and our software components to other key industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. Our software platform also fits in the petrochemical part, because Saudi Aramco is using our software platform for its power system automation. We are well integrated in the IT world, which is extremely dynamic, and we see possibilities coming from mobile devices, transportation units, and different operating systems. COPA-DATA Saudi is the main hub in the Gulf area for the company. We will consider expanding further in the region, as there are many other organizations we could work with, so we want to reach these key accounts with our software platform. COPA-DATA has subsidiaries all over the world, and with COPA-DATA Saudi, we now have a perfect addition to our worldwide network and are even closer to our customers in the Gulf region. For the future, we want to expand our worldwide partner community even further and win more partners in the Gulf region. Another focus will be on our IoT solution called Service Grid. We are also working on the implementation of new exciting projects.

What does your new data center in Riyadh represent in terms of your expansion ambitions?

AMJAD HAFEZ NourNet has been extremely successful over the years in attracting domestic customers and tailoring our solutions to them. The data center was designed around that, as the Saudi market is growing and opening up, focused on Vision 2030 to become a leader in the region that could also attract some international audience. The country is opening up, and competition is growing. Now, we need to think globally when big players come in. We need to differentiate ourselves to ensure our existence in this ecosystem. Our value has always been localization and customization: NourNet has maneuvers and capabilities that other giants do not. We go to the customer and deal with every case differently by trying to understand their goals, the environment that they need, and how NourNet can grow eventually into a plan where it starts gradually with them some kind of mission to achieve milestones as we move forward. Big companies and hyper-scalers are huge and just use a product or factory mentality: one-size-fits-all. At NourNet, we completely understand the market, the transformation that the country is going under, and where we need to relate to in this setup.

What are your strategies for promoting this product in a dynamic yet conservative sector?

AP Generally, we like to let our product speak for itself. This balancing act between dynamic and conservative requirements can be handled very well by zenon. Our most successful area is power generation, distribution, and transmission. We have many different protocols available through our software platform in order to embed our system in the existing infrastructure, which is one of our strengths. Clients are now also looking for updated online data about their photovoltaic plant or wind farm to determine how much energy was generated, the rate at which it was sold, and so on, to create a report and evaluate.

Which sectors demand your services the most?

AH They include businesses going through a transformation, and they need a reliable partner for that. No matter if they are in the government or semi-government sector, Vision 2030 companies seek for companies like us when it comes to solutions. NourNet has an excellent reputation. The market lacks someone that is committed to services and understands the customer’s language, as well as the changes happening in technology today. This is exactly the role NourNet seeks to play. We are mostly built around localization and customization. We bring the technology, understand how it relates, and apply it in the market in an easy way that we just deliver as a service. We also keep a close eye on current regulations. Basically, we understand our customers’ preference, their journeys, and their priorities, and then we customize solutions accordingly. We are an engineering platform, with 500 employees, of which 80% are engineers. In the two decades that I have been running this company, we have had zero failures in project delivery. This is the credibility that customers are after.



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