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Given Angola’s potential to become one of the biggest economies in Africa in the future, the four largest accounting firms seek to deliver long-term value to the country, rather than just short-term gains.

José Antonio Barata

Country Manager Partner, Deloitte

Deloitte has been present in Angola for the past 25 years, having started as a local law firm. And we are here for the long run—we recently completed a new recruitment phase in which we incorporated over 50 new professionals with the main goal of reinforcing our presence in the country. For us, Angola is a strategic office, where we continue to position ourselves as our clients’ partners. It is not a transactional position, but a long-term establishment to continue supporting our partners where they need us, which is aligned with our global objectives of becoming the leader in every market where we are present. The best way to remain present in the long term is to work in a professional and ethical manner, creating a positive impact, for both our clients and the local community. The goal of Deloitte in 2022 is to strengthen our local presence, have a more significant consulting group in technological areas, and begin exporting services from Angola to neighboring countries where we do not have a presence thus far.

Carlos Basto

Managing Partner, EY

EY first arrived in Angola 65 years ago, and consequently, it is the oldest professional service organization here. We have been working here long before the country’s independence in 1974, and we are here to help develop the country. As a mission for the company, we aim to support the national economy and contribute to the development of the country in the coming years. Over the years, we have experienced some difficulties, though we managed to grow, and now we are 200 people in Angola. About 20% of our employees are expats, as we need specialists who support the growth of Angolans so that they can be the future leaders of EY in Angola. Since EY is a global company, we have a stakeholder responsibility. We look to build long-term value and not only immediate profits, for example by carrying out more social responsibility initiatives. Our main goals are always aligned with the country. For EY, our main goals are sustainable growth while delivering long-term value and developing a company that contributes to the transparency of the economy.

Ricardo Santos

Country Senior Partner, Ricardo Santos

PwC has been in Angola for over four decades, and over the years we have built local teams by recruiting people from university, which we complement with a few resident expatriates and experienced overseas staff with knowledge in specific areas. We work closely with Angolan universities and institutes to identify talent, which is one of the challenges that companies face. We have internship programs that help students get exposed to the work environment, and we also take in many young graduates who will continue to grow in our development and training program throughout their careers. Looking ahead, we have developed our strategy based on two fundamental concepts: the need to build trust across a broader range of stakeholders in society and the need to deliver sustainable outcomes. In the short term, we hope Angola’s performance will improve in 2022 and that we are able to return to personal interactions with our clients, because in many cases that is highly appreciated, and they benefit significantly from those interactions.

Inés Filipe


Although we need to adapt to the needs and requirements of every country we venture into, our mission and vision are completely aligned to those of KPMG globally. We aim for the company to be both recognized and trusted. In order to do so, we need to count on the best professionals in the market. We have here the three main business lines we conduct worldwide: audit, advisory, and tax. We always aim to serve our clients with the best practices. Therefore, good communication, alignment, and supporting all our corporate clients is vital, always with the objective of growth and a stronger presence within the local market. Our commitment to the country’s economy and social development is recognized by the local market and the customers we serve, which includes some of the most prestigious Angolan companies. It is important for us to remain a company with a skilled workforce capable of enhancing our clients’ growth, as KPMG itself continues to grow.



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