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Adolfo Ramí­rez Escudero

President, CBRE Spain

CBRE has a range of indisputable characteristics. It has the greatest presence and size in the world. Today, this is a differentiating factor. The company is also well positioned from the point of view of growing, profitability, connectivity, and dynamism, bringing new solutions for our clients and responding quickly to their needs. From the employees’ perspective, we have been recognized as a Great Place to Work, a recognition voted by employees, for two consecutive years. We are the only company in the real estate sector that received that recognition on an international level. The company has led from the front since day one, which ended being an intelligent and visionary bet. We have not only expanded in Spain but also in Portugal, with nine offices. We present ourselves as a one-stop shop, because we manage a wide range of services. We work alongside clients and companies that are not developers, but need developers’ assets for their activity as well as real estate companies, introducing them to new investors and owners. Some important achievements were the opening of our new offices in Madrid, Barcelona, the south of Spain, the Balearic Islands, Zaragoza, Bilbao, and so on. Our leadership in new services has also been a highlight in our career.

Xabier Barrondo

General Manager, Gmp Property SOCIMI

From the outset, Gmp has followed a firm property-owning approach that has allowed us to achieve a solid position in the Spanish real estate market as a specialist in developing, investing, and managing high-end office buildings and business parks in Madrid, which represent 95% of the company’s assets. We seek to be the best managers and providers of office buildings and office services in the sector. In order to be the best, we have evolved over the years toward a human-centric approach offering the highest quality standards, healthy, sustainable, and efficient spaces and services to corporate clients and their teams. This strategy implies many organizational elements: people, profiles, approaches, and more. Our vision is to provide all our clients with a complete range of the best-possible experience. As a company, we work with long-term clients and a stable portfolio of assets. We have been pioneers in certifying LEED the entire portfolio and trying to reach its highest levels. We have also been pioneers in the market for WELL Building Standard Certification in our buildings. This system certifies that the design, construction and operation of the buildings integrates human health and wellbeing. We aim to do our best, not only in terms of energy, but also in terms of business and people.

Vanessa Gelado

Senior Managing Director, Vanessa Gelado

2021 is our 25th anniversary. We started in 1996, and 2021 also marks 20 years since we opened a cinema in Madrid. We started in Barcelona with the Diagonal Mar regeneration project and opened the Madrid office five years later. The company’s history in Spain reflects its global history. We were born with an extraordinarily strong promoter DNA, and as a result of the financial crisis, we began to diversify into the world of asset management for third parties. There is a strong focus on diversifying the company into the asset management field for institutional investors. The company’s history in Spain reflects this. The Diagonal Mar project, the most iconic project with which the company kicked off operations in Spain, represents a huge moment of promotion and development. We are now in 11 countries and recently opened an office in the Czech Republic. The company started in 1957 with the promotion of fairly simple logistic buildings. Then, we moved onto large shopping centers. As a result of the financial crisis, Hines diversified toward a third-party management not only for the company itself, but also to manage funds for third parties, to focus on this line of business and field diversity. Today, we cover all areas.



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