The Business Year

Diego León Vélez Velásquez

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

Developing Infrastructure

General Manager, Ingenierí­a y Gestión Administrativa (IGGA)


Throughout his career, Diego León Vélez Velásquez has participated in different sectors of the economy as a visionary entrepreneur and leader. For the last six years, he has worked as a general manager and shareholder of IGGA. Previous to that he served as president of the monitoring board of Confecoop Antioquia for four years. He holds a BBA in human talent management and project management.

TBY talks to Diego León Vélez Velásquez, General Manager of Ingenierí­a y Gestión Administrativa (IGGA), on predial management, virtual technical file, and working with different economic models.

How did the company perform last year?

2017 was a particularly challenging year, not only because of the market and the political and economic environment, but also because of the changes in tax legislation. Despite this, we managed to exceed our sales target and reached USD9 million, a growth of 11% compared to 2016.

What are your business lines, and which ones are more in demand?

Our business is aimed at companies in the sector that develop infrastructure projects, mainly in terms of energy generation, transformation, transmission, and distribution in the medium-, high-, and extra high-voltage levels. Additionally, our services have a great systematic scope and are aimed at accompanying all stages of infrastructure projects. We have five business lines. The first is predial management, namely property identification, implementation of GIS, census and inventories, obtaining documents, studying titles, and so on. The second is judicial representation, which includes solution of surface needs in linear infrastructure through judicial representation, advice, and consultancy in processes of imposition of easement, police shelters, and so on. The third area is engineering, namely consulting, design, maintenance, and supervision placed at the service of electrical, civil, mechanical, and related engineering project. The fourth is the telecoms business, which works with the administration, operation, and maintenance of telecommunications networks in technologies such as fiber optics, multiplexing systems in PDH and SDH technologies, microwave radios equipment, and so on. Our last business line is administrative services, which involves administration of the virtual technical file BIV, analysis and administration of databases, logistic and administrative services, and more.

Over the years IGGA has worked on several projects related to energy infrastructure. Which ones are the most iconic?

Our experience dates back more than 15 years, going through different economic models, always adapting to the exogenous demands of the environment and the market, in which a vast experience has been forged in Colombia, researching and developing the best practices and expertise put into service of our clients. We have become one of the main national companies with extensive experience in solutions, development, and the implementation of infrastructure projects such as services, consulting, auditing, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, design, lines and substations, telecommunications, maintenance, property management, surface needs solutions, warehousing and logistics management, and customer orientation, among others. We continually analyze our strategic direction as well as a solid structure, based on principles and values. Our know-how is based on the permanent strengthening of the competencies, training, and development of our collaborators, and we are always in search of excellence in service as an organizational culture, thereby contributing to sustainable development and generating environmental, economic, and social value to our stakeholders.

Why do customers look to IGGA as their partner of choice?

Customers turn to us because of our trajectory and knowledge. In addition to our qualities and trajectory, we have had the opportunity to truly understand the length and breadth of our country in terms of all the various issues that directly or indirectly affect our clients in areas such as communities, cultures, risks, coverage, and management, among others.

What are your key priorities for 2018?

The priorities for 2018 are the competitiveness and expansion of our portfolio of clients and services, integrating into our operations a greater scope in the services provided with the purpose of guaranteeing greater coverage, optimization, and competitiveness, which will all be reflected onto our customers.



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