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ANGOLA - Transport

Diandra Vaal Neto Simões

CEO, Grupo Chana


Diandra Vaal Neto Simões, a young and dynamic CEO in the automotive industry, is reshaping the landscape with a visionary approach. Appointed as Chana Group CEO in 2023, she brings extensive experience in areas like Strategy, Marketing and Project Management, having previously served as Strategic Planning Director and Executive Board Member. Diandra holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and Family Business from Stetson University (Deland,Florida), and has previously been in the Banking and Investment Sector. As an innovator, she is driving Chana toward a future of unparalleled success in the automotive sector.

"We are working to provide mobility solutions in Angola by bringing together technology and offerings that are available around the world."
TBY talks to Diandra Vaal Neto Simões, CEO of Grupo Chana, about new initiatives, improving transport in Angola, and expansion beyond the borders.
What initiatives are you planning as the new CEO of Grupo Chana?

When I accepted this role, I wanted to dig deep into what the future of the sector would look like, namely more mobility solutions rather than the buying and selling of cars. I started designing a strategy for Grupo Chana that would help it evolve from being a regular dealership to more of a mobility group. One of the first initiatives I introduced was to better understand current solutions and how they relate to mobility. Companies today want to invest less in their own fleets and are more likely to shift toward having cars on demand. We are working to provide mobility solutions in Angola by bringing together technology and offerings that are available around the world. Starting from 2024, Chana will implement technological solutions to tackle the mobility problem in the country. First, we will launch a marketplace called Chana MAIS, where we will offer all our services on one platform. Customers will be able to browse new and used cars, make office appointments, and more. We strive to provide a one-stop solution for mobility that will be available 24/7. We will also launch more services in 2024, such as fleet management services for companies. Also in the works is the launch of an app just for companies.

Grupo Chana has been participating in many different events. How do these events help to spread the word about Chana?

Another of my priorities is to raise overall awareness of the brand. Part of this entails endorsing people and events that are beneficial for the promotion of the country, our culture, and tourism. We plan to collaborate with brands and initiatives that are vital for the country. Our roots are Angolan—we are a true Angolan family business—and we need to support other Angolan brands and initiatives. We want people to realize that when they come to Angola, they will not have any transportation issues because Chana has various solutions for them. Given our experience and standing in the industry, it is important to be positioned as leaders, and to do so, you need to be in certain places.

One of the group’s priorities is to contribute to Angola’s economic and social development. What actions is Grupo Chana taking to achieve these goals?

Grupo Chana is actively committed to contributing to Angola’s economic and social development through a range of strategic initiatives. Some of the key actions the group is taking include:
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs: Grupo Chana is implementing CSR programs that focus on community development and environmental sustainability. These initiatives aim to positively impact the lives of local communities and promote long-term socio-economic growth.
Local Employment and Skill Development: The group is investing in the local workforce by providing employment opportunities, internships, and supporting skill development programs. By enhancing the skills of the local population, Grupo Chana contributes to the overall economic empowerment of individuals and communities.
Infrastructure Investments: Grupo Chana recognizes the importance of robust infrastructure for economic development. The group is involved in infrastructure projects that contribute to the improvement of transportation and mobility, utilities, and other critical facilities, fostering economic growth in the region.
Partnerships and Collaboration: Collaboration with organizations, and other stakeholders is a key aspect of Grupo Chana’s strategy. By working in tandem with various entities, the group aims to leverage collective efforts for more significant and sustainable impact on economic and social development.
Environmental Sustainability: Grupo Chana places importance on environmentally sustainable business practices. The group is implementing measures to reduce its environmental footprint, promote responsible resource management, and contribute to the overall well-being of the ecosystem.

Do you have plans to expand your presence beyond Angola?

Our dream is to develop solutions in Angola that can be exported to other countries in Africa. The continent offers immense opportunities, and right now Africa is moving toward a more collaborative business environment. That is why transportation is a vital part of the growth of Africa. The private and public sectors need to be aligned in creating sustainable solutions that can be replicated in other countries. This is the reason why we are looking into signing more partnerships and MoUs with companies that are interested in moving to Africa. It is important for Chana to be a business made in Angola but operating around the world.



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