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COLOMBIA - Health & Education

Diego Antonio Restrepo Miranda

General Manager, Invalue Health Solutions


Diego Antonio Restrepo Miranda is an economist, specialist in epidemiology and has complementary studies in management of health institutions, big data, and business analytics. He has extensive experience in the health sector, both in the public and private sectors. He has participated in the formulation of public policies and in the construction and implementation of strategies related to the prioritization and use of health resources. Currently, he is the General Manager of Invalue Health Solutions.

"Invalue Health Solutions is based in Colombia with a decade of experience in the healthcare sector."
What is the context of Invalue Health in Colombia?

Invalue Health Solutions is based in Colombia with a decade of experience in the healthcare sector. Recently, we have extended our services to other Central American nations. Our primary focus is providing management and assessment solutions through the use of information, health technology evaluation, education, and technical analysis in collaboration with different organizations in the sector to achieve our collective goal. The government in the region is also prioritizing this effort. However, our greatest obstacle is meeting the population’s needs with limited resources due to demographic and epidemiologic transitions, an aging population, and an increase in chronic illnesses from accumulated risk factors. Invalue strives to optimize resource utilization while making informed decisions to address these challenges.

Invalue’s target for 2023 is to become the leader in the sector in Latin America with high-value and competent solutions. How is that target going?

Our objective for 2023 is to become the top preference for our clients, who encompass a diverse range of stakeholders in the healthcare system and include service providers, individuals from the pharmaceutical industry, governmental institutions, and decision-making institutes in the country. Despite the past two pandemic-ridden years, particularly in Colombia, the healthcare system has undergone a period of transition, marked by discussions and uncertainty. Our goal is to be the leading option not just in Colombia, but throughout Latin America. In Colombia, we have established ourselves as one of the main players in the industry, with a decade of experience and a wealth of valuable knowledge that we offer to our clients. What sets us apart is our focus on finding solutions that are beneficial for our clients, while also having a positive impact on everyone. We approach our work with technical expertise, as our field of specialization is highly complex. Our solutions encompass effective cost analysis, budgeting, and other relevant areas. Companies require experts who can make informed decisions and provide immediate solutions for patients, which is precisely what we offer. Our commitment to education is one of our key initiatives, which we launched a few years ago. We aim to empower individuals with the knowledge we possess and encourage them to leverage it to enhance the effectiveness of our resources.



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