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Diego Cobos

COLOMBIA - Energy & Mining

Diego Cobos

President Colombia, Practice Leader SRK Consulting


Diego Cobos has over 16 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, seismic analysis and design for earthen embankments, foundations, geotechnical characterization and simulation, mine-waste tailings and waste rock facilities. He holds MSc and PhD degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a professor at Eafit University in Medellín. While abroad, he worked with URS (now AECOM) and Golder Associates. Cobos has provided participated in PFS/FS studies, construction specifications and estimates (PS&E), and bid-ready construction drawing package preparation, as well as construction quality control assurance for dry stack projects in Colombia.

TBY talks to Diego Cobos President Colombia, Practice Leader of SRK Consulting.

Can you elaborate on the company’s local focus?

SRK is an independent, international, mining-focused consulting practice that aims to provide advice and solutions to clients worldwide. Specifically for mining projects, we offer a wide range of services from feasibility, concept, and detailed engineering, all the way to construction supervision and closure. We currently specialize in the management of mine waste and mine water, in addition of seeking to improve the local knowledge of these disciplines, and the way publics perceive such projects and technologies. We have more than 45 years of experience and around 1,500 employees in over 45 offices on six continents. Our main line of business is the provision of independent advisory; and the key word here is independent, as we have no economic assets in any of the projects we participate in. Instead, we deliver independent engineering and scientific research and services mostly to the mining industry. Our services are focused on delivering practical and experience-based understanding and expertise in pretty much all aspects of mining facilities.

How can SRK help companies achieve their sustainability objectives?

We approach projects not as a set of tasks, but rather see them as an opportunity to participate in something that will, undoubtedly shape a city, a state or a country for years to come. We are helping not only our clients succeed, but also the people around the project, while having our sights set on what the project will be after it ceases and we, as SRK, and also the client leaves the place or turn their attention in other opportunities. Having a local workforce affords us a sense of pride and commitment, because this is our house; and a special commitment to the project, to the people, and to the area, that we wouldn’t otherwise see. And meanwhile, SRK has specialized groups in sustainability and environmental engineering, who are not only experts in local regulations, but also the state-of-the-art experts of decision-making standards in mining’s best practices.



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