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Diego Miguel Hernández Parra

COLOMBIA - Finance

Diego Miguel Hernández Parra

Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, Zurich Seguros Colombia


Diego Miguel Hernández Parra is a political scientist specialized in education. He has experience working directly with communities and people in social projects, facilitating experiential workshops and training in soft and hard skills and accompanies Zurich to define and implement its CSR policy and develop management projects.

Zurich Colombia aims to develop projects that have a positive social impact in terms of climate change, social equity, and mental well-being.

What are the main pillars of Zurich Seguros Colombia in terms of its work with communities?

At Zurich Colombia we work aligned with the sustainability strategy of the Zurich Insurance Group and in terms of social investments and efforts, with the support of the Z Zurich Foundation (ZZF), which enjoys administrative and financial autonomy, at the service of different projects. The pillars we pursue in terms of sustainability are: Our commitment to climate change and all the actions we can take to contribute to the Business Ambition 1.5ËšC Pledge; confidence in a digital society; and the work sustainability. In terms of our social investment management, the development pillars defined by the ZZF are also climate change with a special focus on the generation of community resilience in the face of flood scenarios; Mental health and well-being and social equity. In each of them, we have different proposals in development.

How do you channel your social responsibility actions?    

To work with communities, based on those pillars, we work to develop initiatives to positively impact or generate transformation in people’s lives. A positive impact is when we reach someone via the efforts we make as a corporation; on the other hand, transformation is when the concrete situation or that which can generate a potential problem is changed, changing the lives of the people as well. The group globally has taken important actions that are in line with the three pillars, and we do the same locally.

What main sustainable actions is Zurich committed to?

In line with our commitment to generate a positive impact, we are currently committed to five specific actions. The first of those actions is to reduce our global air travel by 70%, reducing our CO2 emissions. The second action is in line with the previous one and is to have a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce fuel consumption. The third action is in restaurants to select organic foods that help reduce the impact of the carbon footprint. The next is to be a paperless company, and we are well ahead of the curve on this. We are heavily focused on digitalization in Colombia with the development of products that can be quoted, purchased and managed in a way 100% digital, as Zurich MOV, our mobility product; another one focused on micro companies, Zurich Cree; and our most recent launching: Zurich Home. 

What partnerships do you have with other entities to create opportunities for collaboration?

We have built extremely strong alliances with strategic partners in each of the three pillars of corporate social responsibility. With the support of the ZZF, Zurich has created an alliance with Fundación Forge in the area of social equity. We seek to help young Colombians in conditions of high social vulnerability to develop soft and strong skills, preparing them to the labor insertion in entry levels. We also have an alliance with Un Techo Para Colombia foundation, an organization that works in the reconstruction of families. We carry out a process with the families to set up a stable home and, once it is completed, we give them a decent house as a donation. Also in social equity, we work with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to support victims of the Colombian armed conflict. Within the Climate Change Pillar, we also work to strengthen the communities’ resilience and response capacities to possible flooding scenarios as a result of climate change. In alliance with the National Society of the Colombian Red Cross (NSCRC) we are working, with community committees and local governments in Atlántico, Antioquia and Cundinamarca, to respond to these problems. 

How does Zurich collaborate with stakeholders to further its positive impact?

We are committed to making a positive impact on the planet and based on that, our purpose is to create a brighter future, together. Our purpose invites our stakeholders to shine and drives us and inspires us. Is about an optimistic calling to building a better world, together. 



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