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Azer Shukurov


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Director, Azinterpartlayis-X LLC


Azer Shukyurov was born in 1963. He graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Mining, and, since 1991, he has held senior management positions in the field of mining in Azerbaijan and other countries. Since 2009, he has served as Founder and Director of Azinterpartlayis-X. For his contribution to the development of the mining industry, he has received the Azeri Business Award for 2011 and 2012, and has been awarded several other National Awards. He has been published in a range of newspapers and magazines on a variety of mining topics.

Could you provide us with an overview of Azinterpartlayis-X LLC’ activities? During the Soviet period, the mining industry in Azerbaijan was not significantly developed compared to other sectors of the […]

Could you provide us with an overview of Azinterpartlayis-X LLC’ activities?

During the Soviet period, the mining industry in Azerbaijan was not significantly developed compared to other sectors of the economy. I graduated from the Moscow State Mining University, and have been working as a mining professional since then. The use of explosives is one of the most complex processes in mining, and Azinterpartlayis-X LLC has achieved great success in this area of business. Since 2010, we have cooperated with Australian company Orica. We also collaborate with Azerbaijan International Mineral Resources Operating Company (AIMROC), the Azerbaijan International Mining Company (AIMC), and Dashkesan Iron Ore Company. Apart from major oil and gas deposits, there are numerous mining sites for ferrous and nonferrous metals, and construction materials including gypsum, limestone, and trim stone. The deposits of gold and other precious metals add up to a diverse geological matrix. There are over 800 mines with confirmed deposits, some located in the territories occupied by Armenian military forces. Although oil and gas have dominated the economy since the Soviet era, the mining industry remains a lucrative trade. However, the Azerbaijani mining industry has yet to overcome a shortage of skilled professionals, especially technicians.

What type of deposits are you mainly working with?

Azinterpartlayis-X LLC operates in the exploration of gold, copper, iron, and limestone reserves. We are also working on other large-scale projects, such as a tunnel system for a water reservoir, road construction, and the demolition of old and uninhabitable buildings. Geological exploration is a relatively new activity for us. Most ongoing exploration takes place at nonferrous mines to determine deposit levels. Lately, we have been working with a new fiber cement plant to explore silica sand reserves. Furthermore, there are several large construction materials plants in Azerbaijan the demand for which determines sector development in the mining industry.

How does the company ensure safety standards at its operations?

We are an ISO-certified company, which underlines the importance we give to this issue, and we were in fact the first Azerbaijani company to obtain such certification in the mining industry. Furthermore, our personnel is certified by the Azerbaijani authorities in compliance with local regulations and by our partner company, Orica. International certification is an essential component of global recognition. Moreover, in the field our application of leading-edge technologies ensures high environmental and workplace safety levels.

Since gold mining is a key activity for Azerbaijan, how has this impacted the local mining sector?

Currently, gold mining does not actually have a major impact on the Azerbaijani economy. And since Azinterpartlayis-X LLC works as a contractor in gold mines, global gold price fluctuations have not influenced our operations. I am trying to keep updated with the latest global trends in the mining industry. There are clear signs that the government is seeking to develop the country’s industrial base in general, and President Ilham Aliyev has in fact declared 2014 the Year of Industry in Azerbaijan, with mining squarely on the agenda for industrial development.

How do you foresee the next two to three years for the Azerbaijani mining industry, and your company in particular?

The Azerbaijani mining sector is undergoing its development stage. Azerbaijan has great economic potential in the form of fertile agricultural plots and relatively developed non-oil related industries. The rapid development of the Azerbaijani mining industry in 2014 will be witnessed not only by mining experts, but also by the general population across the country. As for our company, we aim to expand our exploration activities over the coming years to include both ferrous and nonferrous deposits. And looking ahead, Azinterpartlayis-X LLC will continue to contribute to growth of the broader Azerbaijani economy.



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