The Business Year

Ali Abbas

General Manager, Vavisa IT Solutions

Abdur-Rahman El-Sayed

Managing Director, Waveline Media

Two innovative digital media companies, Vavisa IT Solutions and Waveline Media, are offering services to companies searching for how to connect with customers online or via smartphone apps.

What does your company do?

ALI ABBAS We develop mainly two different types of applications, and these are B2C and B2B applications. Given the high demand in consumer mobile apps, most of our projects are B2C apps. Most of these apps are e-commerce platforms, while what differentiates between each app is the nature of the product or service. Some applications require minimal interference from humans in terms of managing the app or approving orders or requests. Some applications require staff to monitor the activity and operations, and without any kind of human interaction the app would stop functioning. With B2B or in-house use business applications, our work depends on the field the company is operating in, such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, retail, or others. These kinds of applications usually improve the efficiency of an organization by providing customized reports, task management, automation, and process change. When it comes to mobile apps, part of improving efficiency is serving users in a better way in terms of user-experience. Have a look at famous apps such as Twitter or Snapchat. Part of their success is how easy it is to perform the main thing in the app; tweeting or sending a snap. It takes on average two to three taps to do what the app is supposed to do. This results in more usage by users. We try to minimize the taps needed on every application. Applications can do many things, but their main objective should be simple to perform. There are best practices in terms of user experience, design, and development that need to be followed to come out with a good app. You may have a good design, but if your app is difficult to use and does not follow standards users are already used to, it may not be successful. We need to understand what clients want. We have to understand their target audience and their field. Then, we can use industry best practices to get their app out there. When we build an application, we need to think as a user in order to successfully create an app.

ABDUR-RAHMAN EL-SAYED NABD, our personalized Arabic Newsreader, has over 20 million users across the globe and this has changed the way Arabic news is being consumed completely. In terms of production and what is happening in the industry, we are witnessing what is known as automated journalism or augmented journalism, whereby machines and algorithms fetch new stories, run their own fact checking, and essentially produce news stories without any human involvement. News distribution is also changing considerably with the advancement of platforms. Take NABD for example: it can instantaneously connect any publisher to 20 million readers. What is also interesting about distribution is that the platforms are also facing a major issue: fake news distribution. We implement artificial intelligence to ensure that no incorrect content is posted and no fake engagement such as fake followers are recorded.

How do you customize your product?

AA One issue we face when building applications is user interface design. Some applications are designed with very rich graphics. When speeds get higher, we can build our applications in a way where loading times are much faster. When 5G is launched, people will interact more with their mobile phones. That’s our business. This opens up more opportunities for us to work with new clients and more projects to work on. We can enhance the services we provide with 5G.

ARES In recent times, we have been noticing that there is a major demand for performance-based advertising, meaning an advertiser only pays when they get measurable results. A measurable result can be a website visit or when the user fills a form and clicks on submit or simply clicks an ad. Advertisers are becoming tech savvy and they are willing to invest major budgets as long as they get tangible results.



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