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Given the openness to technology in the UAE and its willingness to experiment, firms are finding various ways to participate in the Emirate’s digital transformation process at all levels.

Manesh Batra

Regional Director, Integrated Communication Network

ICN started in 2005 with the goal of implementing technologies to conserve energy, and our motto is “Converging Technologies for a Greener Earth.” I have been involved in developing these technologies and implementing the first green building project in UAE. Since 2007, we have successfully delivered many projects where different technologies have been integrated and brought together on a converged technology platform. In 2007, when Yas Island was being developed, we looked over the entire system to determine how things could be done differently. I advised the client that there was a better and less expensive way to oversee the multiple technologies and platforms, and we brought everything onto one common platform. We always work with our partners and ensure our team is trained and certified on time. We also continually receive feedback, which involves both sides working together. The UAE has around 200 nationalities living here, and it is important to work with other cultures and bring solutions from all over.

Samir Mehanna

Managing Partner, GPD Technology

GPD Technology is an IT solutions integrator that looks at the available technologies in the market and designs and executes solutions for its clients based on their pain points and challenges. The company started in 2008 by providing general-purpose security CCTV surveillance and camp management solutions and services. We later branched out into vehicle tracking systems, fleet management, and more. To set ourselves apart from others in this field, we added our own vertical solutions to specific industries rather than offering generic ones. Subsequently, we partnered with a major waste collection client to develop a waste collection automation solution. We automated the operations by installing cameras, digital equipment, and IoT devices on waste collection trucks and thousands of street bins, making them IT-enabled systems and, through central control rooms tracked hundreds of compacting trucks all over the city via GPS, making sure collections are on time and to the best quality standards. We also offer extensive data analytics to optimize the client’s operations.

Fayez Ibbini

Founder & CEO, Alpha Data

We started in 1981 as a bureau service using a large computer and offering terminals. There were several tech waves, the first of which was the PC. Then came networking, the internet, and subsequently the cloud and big data. Now, we are experiencing the biggest wave of all: AI. This has been driving the growth of our business. Customers are not just looking to an ICT provider merely for one job; they have a problem to solve, and in some cases those can be extremely complex. We have to be creative in order to solve these problems and bring together a number of technologies. We are able to truly meet all their needs and ensure our customers are satisfied with the solution. Diversity is survival; one cannot survive by only being focused on one area. We are not trying to be number one. If anything, we want to be the company that best meets our customers’ needs.

Antonio Pietri

President & CEO, AspenTechnology (AspenTech)

AspenTech is a 41-year-old software company whose fundamental mission is to help its customers meet the growing demand for their products from a growing population that expects a higher standard of living, while also helping them meet their sustainability goals. AspenTech does not believe there is a trade-off between economic prosperity and sustainability; both can be achieved to deliver a more prosperous and sustainable world going forward. At AspenTech, the way we think of helping customers is by contributing to driving efficiencies and innovation to maximize business performance through the incorporation of AI and technologies. AspenTech’s goal is to drive these efficiencies to minimize carbon production while continuing to drive economic value. Today, there is a significant generational transition in the workforce, and building the capabilities of these organizations will therefore be incredibly important. Customers that succeed in using technology to drive innovation and sustainability also have organizational excellence, which is key to achieving this energy transition and the goals set around Vision 2030.



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