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CEO, Domex


Born in Santo Domingo in 1963, Cesar Villanueva honed his experience in international audit firms and banks, until Domex was founded in 1994 with the vision of offering a new service to the market. Currently, he is the CEO of National Domex, Domex, and Domex Express Services.

TBY talks to Cesar Villanueva, CEO of Domex, on delivery methods, adapting to client needs, and door-to-door services.

TBY What can you offer to companies in the Dominican Republic that others cannot?

I think that the difference between Domex and its competitors is one of approach. We can service each city, town, or province around the Dominican Republic because we have representatives that act as exclusive contractors. They are people who work with us and whom we support with equipment, engines, and vehicles. When we built this network, we adapted and bought all facilities required to be able to deliver anything from a simple letter to a large box. We also created a system that consolidates all documents in one location from where they can be distributed nationwide. We maintain communications with all of our contractors and employees online, which ensures that our clients know the exact moment that their own clients receive their documents via tracking. Today, we move about 5 million items a year in the Dominican Republic.

How do you adapt to the needs of diverse clients?

Each client has unique requirements, where for example, one may require certain signatures upon receipt. At the same time, the courier may request ID from the recipient to safeguard against error. This is required for documents of high value, such as passports, credit cards, legal documents, and courier packages, for example. When someone only needs evidence of delivery, for example for a magazine, we deliver without requesting ID. Another method involves clients only requiring knowledge of when we have completed distribution. This is common during political campaigns, for example, or for promotions. We deliver these items to every home and building on a specific street. That client won’t request evidence of receipt or delivery; they need only know that the document was distributed.

What are the company’s targets for 2014?

Our goal for is to develop a door-to-door delivery service. This will be a first in the Dominican Republic, as currently senders and receivers visit their local agency. This is why eBay and Amazon do not exist here; sellers cannot schedule a door-to-door service, and lack a means of transporting a package to a house. Here lies our future.

Why do other companies not provide this?

They lack the network it requires. For example, an exclusive service from your representative, requires guarantee volume and income. They do not work for you. That is the difference—making a commitment to your employees, who should be considered a key partner of yours. This philosophy ensures that both parties are happy. Today, the people who carry out international courier services buy their products in the US and send them to us in the Dominican Republic. But now, we are set to help those who want to buy merchandise in the Dominican Republic. We are giving them two options in a service we expect to launch in 2014.



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