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Elshad Abbasov


Drawers of Perception

General Director, Embawood


Elshad Abbasov became General Director of Embawood in 1996. Since then, he has also taken on the positions of Vice-President of the Equestrian Federation and Chairman of the State Certification Commission for Wood Processing within the Azerbaijan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Abbasov attended the Moscow State University and graduated in 1983 from the Geology department specializing in Geochemistry.

How would you describe 2013 for Embawood in terms of its international expansion and increased share of the domestic market? In general, I would evaluate 2013 as a successful year […]

How would you describe 2013 for Embawood in terms of its international expansion and increased share of the domestic market?

In general, I would evaluate 2013 as a successful year for our company. From the point of view of expanding our retail sales, we have been able to broaden our network both in Azerbaijan and in other countries in which we operate. The new furniture models we have designed have gone down well with customers and earned a place in our sales. We have also carried out a number of important projects aimed at improving the quality of our service. These factors have contributed to strengthening the company’s domestic market share.

Which brands do you intend to promote in 2014?

In foreign markets, we operate as a single brand, as we are attempting to develop the Embawood brand in different countries. We do not have plans for the introduction of a second home furniture model to foreign markets. In Azerbaijan, however, we have four brands. Two of these, Embawood and Madeyra, cater to home furniture. Ideal Design specializes in the production of office furniture and EmbaPanel in prefabrication and accessories. Since each brand addresses a specific market segment, they do not correlate with each other. This having been said, we consider increasing our attention on the production of office furniture in Azerbaijan and plan to take a more active position in this segment in 2014.

How does Embawood ensure that its production process complies with environmental and safety standards?

Firstly, we pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the raw materials we procure. All the suppliers we work with are required to provide documentation confirming compliance with environmental standards and certification in accordance with European requirements. Following an initial examination, all incoming materials also undergo laboratory trials. These involve both environmental compliance of the material and its conformity with international requirements pertaining to quality. These projects include joint undertakings with German quality assurance companies, and as a result, these procedures are rigorously applied at all stages of production, thus eliminating any deficiencies. Therefore, we are applying European quality standards to our operations both in Azerbaijan and elsewhere.

President Ilham Aliyev was elected for a third term of office. What impact do you think his election will have on the industry and the manufacturing sector?

The re-election of our President is an important factor in maintaining the stable development of both our country and the region as a whole. The large-scale economic projects implemented under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev and the reforms in the area of private enterprise development have been helpful for the manufacturing sector. A major impetus has been given to industrial development of the country. The social projects aimed at improving the wellbeing of our citizens have raised the standard of living, which, in turn, has paved the way for an increased purchasing power of the population and created an atmosphere of sound competition. I am sure that the work carried out in this area, along with coming socioeconomic reforms, will take Azerbaijan forward.

What are Embawood’s objectives in 2014, and what new projects does the company intend to pursue?

We have rather ambitious plans for 2014. We plan on implementing a number of new projects, including one that involves increased production. We plan to invest heavily in the production of upholstered furniture, all of which will take place within the country. In 2013, we carried out the necessary preparations and procurement for this project, and in 2014, we will also take steps to upgrade and expand capacity at our production sites. The procurement of raw materials from abroad will also be minimized.



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