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Eduardo Jaramillo

COLOMBIA - Green Economy

Eduardo Jaramillo

CEO Colombia, GE (General Electric)


Eduardo Jaramillo is an industrial engineer and finance specialist from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá and holds an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. He has developed a successful career for more than 20 years in the energy, chemical, metals, and mining sectors, in which he has held positions as general manager, commercial director, global strategy and financial director, and regional manager in South America, Mexico, and the US with companies such as GE, The Dow Chemical Company, Rohm and Haas Company, SCR Sibelco, and West Arco.

TBY talks to Eduardo Jaramillo, CEO Colombia of GE (General Electric).

What is your vision for GE Colombia, and what role do you see for the company within the Colombian plans for renewable energy and energy production modernization?

GE has been present in Colombia for 94 years and has been closely observing the transformation of Colombia’s industrial capacity, social improvements, and the major changes in the electricity system over the years. One-third of Colombia’s electricity is generated with GE’s technology, which demonstrates that we not only follow the energy matrix closely, but also experience it closely with the authorities, power generators, and communities. The role we have played throughout the years is supporting Colombia, as we do with every country around the globe, in developing the best power generation matrix. The transformation of GE is not only about bringing new technology but also building a culture around the industries in which we participate in. In Colombia, for example, this means eliminating possible bottlenecks in the government’s efforts to diversify the matrix. One of the biggest issues for the wind and solar farms in La Guajira was and will be the transmission, and we worked closely with the government and our customers to enact a high-impact project to resolve it and still working for the second wave of projects. The mission is to focus on the specific markets in which we participate and support governments and our customers on those objectives.

How can GE be key for the Colombian economic recovery and reactivation?

The pandemic has taught us many things, one of which is that we need to quickly adapt to changes. We have a great team of people who have not stopped working to deliver on their commitments to our customers. We continue to build new plants and service existing ones. We are also committed to making sure we deliver all those new contracts we are currently developing promptly to make sure Colombia experiences growth. There are investments of COP8,000 billion that can be invested in the electricity sector in the next five years if the right measures are taken. This industry will be a key driver to reactivate Colombia’s economy.



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