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Eduardo López Robayo

ECUADOR - Energy & Mining

Eduardo López Robayo

CEO, Sertecpet


Eduardo López Robayo assumed his current position in 2010. Previously, he was appointed constitutional representative of the president of Ecuador to the board of directors of Petroecuador in 2003. In 2004, he became the Minister of Energy and Mining. López Robayo has a degree in commercial engineering from the Universidad Javeriana, Ecuador. He also studied geology, mining, petroleum, and environment while pursuing a degree in petroleum negotiation management in the engineering department of the Central University of Ecuador.

Sertecpet provides its tools, products, and services to add value to clients’ operations and remain a key partner.

What strategies are you using to stay ahead as a disruptive force in the industry?

As leaders, we have an enormous responsibility to lead toward a long-term vision, namely sustainability. Professionals, companies, and governments must instill a management model that incorporate the best criteria and governance practices to achieve their objectives and meet the society demands in terms of environment protection and the value adding, by means of employment generation, adequate wages, labor respect, and ensuring good practices. For that challenge, Sertecpet has developed a compliance matrix not only to comply with the laws in the countries where the company operates but as an integral form of compliance. That is why we have focused on ensuring that all our processes are certified by the most demanding standards and certifications in the world in terms of quality, environment, good practices, and anti-corruption throughout the production chain. Sertecpet follows the API 18 LCM standards that is basically the lifecycle of the services and the products, as well as other equivalent standards, such as API 37001 which certify Sertecpet good processes and practices. Sertecpet is the first company in Ecuador to adopt this standard as a certification. It is part of the company culture even if these certifications do not generate a benefit or royalty per se, but give us reliability and recognition in the market.

Over its 31-year history, Sertecpet has been noted for its resiliency, particularly during the pandemic. What have been the ingredients to its success?

The ability to overcome difficult times and challenges is due to Sertecpet management capacity and model, human talent who are committed to excellence, supported by all the appropriate technological tools without neglecting any financial elements in the operation of the business itself. Resilience is a key factor of maturity and a strategy to understand and overcome any crisis. In 31 years of existence, Sertecpet had to be extremely resilient to handle political situations and economic crises in the countries where it operates because we do believe that the organization is made for the future generations. It is worthwhile mentioning that regardless the lack of support and political constraints Sertecpet was able to develop innovative solutions to grow because Sertecpet has an enormous responsibility to Ecuador and to the countries where it operates. The best practices, the recognition by all of its certifications, including various higher score European management model awards that Sertecpet won in 2020, such as the EFQM, provides legitimacy of Sertecpet management model vis-à-vis the European model.

What innovative solutions has your renowned R&D department discovered recently?

Along the years, Sertecpet R&D department not only have developed products but have also patented them in the US, Canada, Russia, and more than 20 countries. There are several developments and application of oil and gas wells which allows Sertecpet to bring knowledge to the world and go out with its own tools, products and services. We can add value to our clients’ operations. The most important thing about Sertecpet of way to do is that we are constantly working on how to bring a new product, a new service, with a differentiating technological value of innovation. This is built into our company’s DNA.

What is your 2050 plan?

By 2050, Sertecpet will be on the technological radar within the change in its energy matrix which leads us to develop clean energy more and more. To achieve this goal, Sertecpet has established alliances with companies and first-class organizations. Our 2050 vision is to reach this goal of growth, generate thousands of jobs, have a global international presence, and generate value in each country where we are in. We want to be recognized as an ally and strategic partner in each country that the company operates.



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