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Bravantic Eduardo Vicente

MOZAMBIQUE - Telecoms & IT

Eduardo Vicente

Country General Manager, Bravantic


Eduardo Vicente is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a track record of success in various leadership roles. His expertise in technology, business, and management makes him an exceptional leader and a valuable asset to any organization. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence ensure that he will continue to achieve great accomplishments in his career.

"Bravantic is a solid group of companies across multiple geographies. There is a legacy of 28 years of history that began with the company called INFORMANTEM."
TBY talks to Eduardo Vicente, Country General Manager of Bravantic, about the company’s formation, future projects, and digital transformation in Mozambique.
As one of the founders of Bravantic, can you talk about the creation of the company?

Bravantic is a solid group of companies across multiple geographies. There is a legacy of 28 years of history that began with the company called INFORMANTEM. The founders of Bravantic were four friends who worked for a company called Blue Chip in Portugal. Blue Chip was very involved in IBM systems and solutions, and the team decided to chart its path, creating Informantem, which is today the Bravantic Group. At the helm of this journey has been Mr. António Trincheiras, who with his critical and pragmatic thinking, has driven the group’s growth from day 1 to the present day, with the group now being led by a woman, share woman, Dr. Dyane Myrian. In 2009, we embarked on a major project in Mozambique that gave us the necessary basis to develop in this market. Bravantic now has 400-600 employees, 30 of which are employees in Mozambique; however, including our current partnerships, we have reached 80 people working across the country. We have companies in the Bravantic group, 100% owned and other jointly owned companies, where we cover the most varied sectors of activity such as biomedicine, training and development of software applications, cybersecurity, licensing, datacenter, support and maintenance, endpoint solutions, cloud Solutions, IT services and operations and digital transformation solutions among others…. We are in Brazil, Portugal, Africa, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, and Dubai. In Mozambique, we work mainly in Maputo, but with projects in the other provinces. Regarding innovation, we mainly deal with data centers and digital transformation.

What future projects or initiatives is Bravantic working on?

We started a company called Bravantic Link. It is still in development, and we are in the final phase of all licensing. We are also involved in solutions involving Artificial Intelligence as well as several other integrated solutions that meet trends in the IT sector for the next 5 years. Given that our core business is data centers and service continuity, we decided to create more synergies between data center services and customers, so we acquired a 3,000 m2 space to build four to six data centers and create a private cloud, as an example, the one used in the Banking sector. Our target is companies that, giving value to their business, have financial sustainability that allows them to demand the best of what exists on the market in terms of IT solutions. We also prepared for the security operations center (SOC) and the corresponding cybersecurity protocols, as we already have a lot of experience and work in this area in different geographies over the last six years. In Mozambique, we have been implementing a team dedicated to cybersecurity since last year.

As a leader in the technology sector, what is Bravantic’s vision for the future of technology adoption and digital transformation in Mozambique?

The communications cloud will be the future. We are developing more and better platforms that help customers and partners in their digitalization process and digital transformation. However, it is challenging because a company cannot digitally transform without preparing its foundations and the mindset of its employees. Most people still don’t have IT knowledge, so we created a platform that offers training. We have also adopted an educational approach for customers in terms of digital transformation. Each person’s needs are different. The implementation may be the same, but the starting point is how we create this transformation because ultimately, we want to have a positive impact across the entire organization.
People are our most valuable. About our ongoing cultural transformation, we rely on internal and external partnerships to reinforce the critical thinking of our teams. Furthermore, half of Bravantic’s employees are women and, of the 30 people, only one is an expatriate. As a result, our work is entirely a product of Mozambique. We implement ESG in the group and rely on people, who are the basis of any transformation.

What are your short-term plans?

We want to continue to grow based on the trends we are already successful at. For example, AI, robotics, cybersecurity, and cyber resilience are essential parts of our business. However, development portals and applications are the top priority for the entire group. In Dubai, we are working in the financial area. In Africa, we work mainly on infrastructure, tools, and digital transformation. However, at the same time, we focus on AI, robotics, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure.



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