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Ali Bin Yahia

CEO & Founder, Schoolvoice

Nilay Özral

CEO, Bloom Education

Schools in Abu Dhabi are unique in catering to a wide range of expats. They strive to offer familiar yet innovative solutions to students from a wide range of backgrounds.
What are your priorities?

Ali Bin Yahia The idea for Schoolvoice came about when we recognized the need to bridge the communication gap between schools and parents. Education is not solely about students attending classes; the home environment and families have a significant impact on students’ educational development. We discovered that effective communication can have a positive impact on various areas of a student’s education, such as attendance, academic achievement, and behavior. We provide schools and parents with an interactive communication tool that promotes engagement and positively influences the education cycle. Our platform is highly flexible and can integrate with any school management system used in almost every country. That’s why we are currently operating in schools across different countries like KSA, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Egypt, and Morocco, all of which have different curricula and management systems. Our communication module can be easily linked up regardless of their type.

Nilay Özral The UAE’s vision is to be among the top-10 countries that are recognized as delivering world-class education and Bloom Education is actively contributing to this plan. As part of our portfolio, we have international schools that cater to over 100 different nationalities, many of whom are in the UAE temporarily. By offering international curriculum schools, families can choose the appropriate school for their child with the peace of mind knowing that their child will receive the highest quality of education in a familiar setting. Achieving world-class education in Abu Dhabi requires a combination of factors, including a clear vision and strategy, strong leadership, a focus on quality teaching and learning, and investment in resources and infrastructure.

What role is technology playing in your plans?

ABY NCLE is one of the largest educational companies in Saudi Arabia and manages multiple schools. When we launched our operations in KSA, NCLE approached us to help bridge the communication gap it was facing. Although NCLE was using various tools, Schoolvoice’s focus on interactivity and AI caught their attention. Unlike traditional communication tools that only send messages, Schoolvoice encourages interactions by utilizing various technologies to ensure parents receive messages and engage with the school. It also helps schools streamline their operations and communicate more effectively. The added layer of AI allows schools to gather more data about the information they send and its impact on parental engagement. For instance, they can determine the best time to communicate with parents, the most effective keywords to use, and the link between communication and attendance levels.

NÖ While technology undoubtedly plays a crucial role in education, I believe that it cannot replace teachers, especially for younger students who require a more hands-on and personal approach. Rather, technology should be viewed as a tool to support and enhance the quality of education. As students grow older and become more independent learners, technology can have a greater impact on their learning experience. As data analytics becomes increasingly important, teachers can use it to track student progress and tailor lessons to better meet each student’s needs, rather than relying solely on standardized tests. To make the most of available technologies, teachers should focus less on planning and more on improving their pedagogical and facilitating skills. Fortunately, there are many software tools available to support teachers in this endeavor, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are properly trained in their use. In addition, technology can be especially helpful in improving students’ reading and English proficiency, and the data generated by these tools can help teachers sort their students into different groups based on their individual needs. Overall, technology can be a powerful aid to teachers, but it should never be seen as a replacement for their essential role in the classroom. At Bloom Education, we believe that technology is an essential component of modern education, but we also recognize that the human touch is equally important. That’s why we are committed to staying innovative and ahead of the curve in implementing technology to enhance the learning experience for our students.



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