The Business Year

Luiggi Pugliese Mercado

General Manager, Ecovias

Over the last few years, we have seen exponential growth. The most important projects we have been developing are focused on 4G. We have also worked on projects for large educational institutions, aqueducts and sewer systems, and other infrastructure projects, as Barranquilla City has been developing its infrastructure. We are fortunate because Barranquilla has contracted the most number of projects during this time. We have tripled our staff in the last three years to serve the new projects. Our role is based on our civil engineering consulting services to support the state authorities on several civil engineering tasks such as designing, public works audits, and civil engineering construction. For example, in Barranquilla, we have developed several projects to channel small streams through pipes. The intervention of these streams is crucial for Barranquilla because the streets become flooded when it rains. We have channeled five streams to date and are currently working on La Felicidad, one of the more complex ones.

Juan Fernando Mejí­a

General Manager, Vertice Ingenieria

Growth has been remarkable in recent years as we started to develop five or six projects per year, which put us in an excellent position in the upscale sector. We are in Envigado in Medellí­n and recently started to develop two projects in Sabaneta. A year and a half ago, we began to see other projects, this time in the middle and lower-middle range thanks to government policies that are encouraging the creation of housing. On top of this, at the end of 2017, we started to build three large projects of 250 housing units in strata five and six. The architectural design is the only aspect we do not take care of. Outside of that, we have the entire business. This is our value proposition. We do promotion, sales, and the structural design. We have a strategic business unit called Vertice Estructural that handles the structural designs for all our projects. We handle all the presales, sales, construction, deeds, and delivery procedures.

Luis Cabezon

President, Luis Cabezon

We work with many of the best companies in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. We like to be present in medium-sized companies because when you rent equipment to them they do not take all of it at once, as opposed to when you work on a large project. Our customers rent a variety of amounts, but we like to have that diversity. In Mexico, we have very few customers and rely a lot on these big customers, whereas in Colombia we have about 80 customers and are happy with that. We are a company with four services: design of the formwork, logistics, equipment, and supervision. Where there is concrete, there is a market for us. It is possible to be successful in a depressed market. We started a business when the market was on a downward curve. When the market grows, all the costs go up. We have a big advantage because we are active in the housing, infrastructure, and buildings markets.



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