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Abdulrahman Al Khayarin

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CEO, Widam Food


Widam Food has a proven executive management track record, and as CEO, Abdulrahman Al Khayarin adds to this record by running all facets of Widam’s business and leading the company’s transformation into an enterprise-focused company while simultaneously growing sales by 102% over the course of four years. He was recognized by QATAR TODAY as one of the top three CEOs in Qatar for two consecutive years. Prior to joining Widam Food, Al Khayarin was an executive in the investment department of Qatar Diar, responsible for all global investment activities.

By formulating viable solutions to ensure an uninterrupted supply of red meat into the country, Widam Food has successfully increased its market share in Qatar.

How has your market share of meat products evolved since the blockade?

Widam Food Company has always positioned itself as a key contributor and main player in Qatar’s National Food Security Program. Following the blockade, and in response to the objectives of the program, Widam was able to formulate viable solutions ensuring an uninterrupted supply of red meat into the country, which has successfully resulted in an increase in its market share in Qatar.

Which countries have become more important in meeting Qatar’s meat needs? What investments are you making in these countries to increase production?

Diversification of sources of supply is a main objective of Widam. In addition to Australia, the company imports red meat from various countries such as Sudan, Romania, Azerbaijan, Somalia, and Spain. The company has an important presence in Sudan through a branch involved in the fattening of livestock, agriculture, and the export and import of red meat and fodder.

Which plans do you have in place to advance your in-country production capacity and promote “Made in Qatar” products?

Regarding its activities within Qatar, Widam Food Company has completed the first phase of a sheep-breeding project in Arkeh with a targeted production capacity of 50,000 heads. The company’s plan is to enhance its competitiveness through product diversification and thus achieve solid revenues. The current economic climate and development in the country will expedite the implementation process, enabling us to meet our goals, thereby increasing consumer confidence in Widam as the main supplier of red meat in the local market. We have also supported local private sheep farms by providing them with an outlet for the sale of thousands of sheep to encourage them to expand and increase production. Additionally, our plan is to reach every customer in the market. We have developed our website and opened additional slaughterhouses to cover most of Qatar. In addition, we designed a new easy to use mobile app aimed at attracting and increasing the number of consumers.

What is your outlook for 2019?

Widam covers over 85% of market needs for red meat, and the company will pay particular attention to its projects, plans, and finances to implement these projects after confirming their feasibility and effective contribution to company revenues. We are making every effort to be part of the local food security system by meeting all sector requirements.



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