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Javier Cordero

MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Enhancing Mexico’s Future Potential

CEO, Oracle Mexico


Javier Cordero has more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. He joined Oracle in 1997, where he acted as VP for Applications for Latin America and as CEO of the subsidiary in Mexico twice. He holds a degree in computer science from Universidad Iberoamericana.

TBY talks to Javier Cordero, CEO of Oracle Mexico, on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and transforming Mexico through corporate social responsibility.

What is your assessment of the current penetration of cloud services in Mexican companies?

In terms of the IT industry, the original principle was to deliver solutions where the complexity remained on the user’s side. However, with the cloud solutions, the complexity went away so companies could concentrate on their core business and the cost dropped dramatically because it became easier to take advantage of economies of scale. The cloud is growing in Mexico by three digits, as is Oracle. We are making it more accessible to people, and now companies that are part of the middle or lower tier can afford to purchase a solution. Another aspect is complexity; the adoption rate of cloud in Mexico compared with the US or any other large economies is exactly the same or perhaps higher, because Mexican companies have leapfrogged to the cloud. We improve data security by reducing the danger of getting hacked, and thus, people are starting to realize that cloud solutions are more secure.

What are your priorities in terms of research and development?

Customer experience is one of the main aspects, as the world is changing based on customer experience; every single business will need the traditional systems and ERP. As a customer, I want to interact through a cell phone to make a reservation or buy something. The second aspect is big data. With the Internet of Things (IoT), every single device is now connected to the internet and provides information. For example, my phone shows my heart rate, and this is real-time information that is being stored on the cloud. We need to be able to take advantage of that information by analyzing and getting ahead of the competition in terms of understanding patterns of marketing intelligence. The other important thing that Oracle just announced is that we need to have certain intelligence embedded in the systems so that we can do things before we realize they need to get done.

What new opportunities did the telecoms reform in Mexico create for Oracle?

The reforms were necessary, and one of the main achievements of this administration is the reforms. However, we are facing a problem with the implementation of those reforms. They are intended to produce a better industry with more affordable prices, but the results are yet to be seen because technology is needed to achieve system-wide implementation. Nonetheless, the reforms were important for this industry and are generating a lot of business. The new reforms require companies to use technology in every aspect and require a great deal of IT technology, benefiting the industry.

What are your short-term growth projections?

I predict the industry to grow between 5% and 8%, and Oracle’s growth to continue at its current double-digit rate. Therefore, I am extremely optimistic as we are growing much faster than the industry average. What is driving this growth is the cloud. The public sector is not growing as fast as in previous years because we are in a year of elections. Therefore, most IT investments in the federal government will not grow as fast; although, on the other hand, we will be growing in terms of regulators and reforms. The money spent in IT technology will grow no matter what, with or without the public expenditure, because it enables new business.

What are the pillars of your corporate social responsibility strategy?

Our purpose is transversal to our business. Around a year and a half ago, we reflected our purpose. We came up with a simple purpose, and that is to transform Mexico by enabling our customers to transform themselves through new technologies. We are focusing not only in growing our business, but also having a social impact.



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