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MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Enrique Guinea

CEO, Hanka


Using more technology and analytics, Hanka is able to fine tune its operations to increase overall productivity and lower the costs of blasting in mines while protecting nearby communities. What […]
Using more technology and analytics, Hanka is able to fine tune its operations to increase overall productivity and lower the costs of blasting in mines while protecting nearby communities.
What logistical advantages does Hanka have over other explosive competitors in the mining industry near the state of Sonora?

The explosives industry is regional, mainly because it is heavily restricted by many laws and regulations; however, I expect growth in the future even though precious metal prices have been falling slightly; there is still great business for everyone involved in mining. It is important to remain close to your customers not only in terms of logistics, but also in terms of the ability to provide just-in-time service and having a large amount of storage. We have plenty of capacity and can guarantee three months once we enter into a contract with any customer. We have a clause that guarantees clients will not encounter any problems with availability of products. This is something that we worked on from the beginning of the pandemic and is also the reason why we are regional and we will remain regional. We have a solid reputation, not only because of our people, but because of our working teams. The way we like to work with any mine or customer is by creating partnerships. We did this right from the beginning in the 1990s, getting involved with our clients and becoming a part of their team. We also do that with our own suppliers, and this has been a successful strategy for Hanka. This is a style of teamwork that we are very much used to and has been a great asset for the company.

What steps is Hanka taking toward becoming decarbonized and implementing ESG principles into its processes?

Working with Yara, our business partner, we both hold the same view and are heavily involved in sustainability. We also consider safety to be our working license. All accidents can be prevented when you have a core of people who work hard to prevent accidents. We have three transportation companies, one that works in the US, and the other two in Mexico, and we have not had an accident in more than 35 years. In Mexico, there is no entity that measures such statistics, but in the US, all that information is public. Anyone can see our qualifications and successes there. We have also made progress toward becoming a decarbonized company, and in three or four more years, we expect to be zero carbon. We have invested large sums of money on solar energy. We are also looking at generating energy from biomass both from agave and cactus. We can collect a large amount of such biomass from adjacent cattle and pork farms. We are able to do many things with sustainability there. We are working hard to become carbon zero, decarbonized companies.

How do you use data and analytics to increase the efficiency of your explosives?

All the data and equipment help with that. We have topographic equipment as well as drones and fragmentation analysis equipment, which in single blast provides a large amount of data and pictures. We are able to develop 3D models that we can see. We can even simulate blasts with a high degree of accuracy, which helps us to plan and make improvements when required. Electronic detonators now provide a large amount of information and ensure a more precise blast, as well as GPS capabilities, so you know exactly where they are and the exact distance from one point to another. All these help us plan better and give us the opportunity to make minute adjustments and look how productivity if affected. In the end, all this translates into savings in the downstream and even beyond that. All these allow projects become more productive, earn higher profits and savings, and protect nearby communities from possible dangers. By analyzing millions of bytes of data over many months or years, we are able to fine tune and design the best blast for such a geology. It is a fallacy that just putting more explosives is best; that is definitely a thing of the past.



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