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Dr. Thamer Al Quthami

Managing Director, Enerizons

Dr. Dina Al Nahdy


While the government recognizes the importance of sustainable initiatives, the private sector is carrying the torch.

How did your company get its start?

THAMER AL QUTHAMI Enerizons was the result of a long thought out process. People here have been living in an era of oil and do not truly understand the value of the energy they use. After gaining specialized professional training and certification, my associates and I decided to establish Enerizons. We provide specialized energy-related services in three sectors where our expertise lies: energy efficiency and management, renewable energy, and smart power systems. Energy efficiency and management covers a wide spectrum of services, including energy audits and assessments and data logging and analysis. We also look at the design and systems in existing and new buildings to find ways to minimize energy consumption as much as possible. We go the extra mile and execute small, medium, and large energy efficiency projects, as well as offer measurement and verification services for energy projects. When we review an initial design, we ensure the construction will meet the current national standards; however, more than that, we look for additional ways to reduce energy use beyond the regulatory requirements. Renewable energies are a wide field where we have experience in on a large commercial scale. We assess, design, develop, and implement solar energy projects, including solar photovoltaic (PV) projects and solar water heating. For smart power systems and grids, we conduct power system studies, including power quality analysis, implementing smart metering and smart control systems, and performing advanced power system computer simulations for medium to low voltage systems.

DINA AL NAHDY ENTEC started in 1995 in the water sector, which is clearly a major issue in a desert country like Saudi Arabia. Wastewater treatment plants were the first area in which we started, followed by desalination systems. ENTEC’s first projects were with the Dammam Rail Road & Royal Commission in Jubail early on. This was in a bid to tackle the scarcity of water, and the concept of reusing water started to become more applicable and popular. In 2000, environmental issues started being highlighted in KSA, and ENTEC shifted its core focus to providing economical environmental solutions by building a consultancy department for environmental baselines, impact studies, and monitoring for small projects all the way up to mega government projects. In 2010, ENTEC expanded its market share by partnership in hazardous solid waste and in 2012 added a training section offering specialized internationally accredited training courses for various sectors. Some of these have a very technical approach, whereas others are aimed at the managerial level. In 2013, ENTEC started an awareness section, and we take pride in being “environmental CSR partners,” as we have been designated by clients. That same year, ENTEC created a national initiative for environmental awareness that broke a Guiness World record for the largest hand-printed environmentally friendly canvas in the world. It was 10,245sqm and had 1.2 million hand prints from every walk of life.

What is the level of environmental awareness?

TQ Electricity tariffs have been raised twice now, first in 2015 and again at the beginning of 2018. For stakeholders to create a more efficient and competitive energy environment, we expect the electricity rate to increase as well, which will have an impact on both supply and demand. On the demand side, people will start to see increases in their electricity bills. To balance this out, the government has announced other measures, though overall we expect to see a better market and greater need for renewable energy. It will become more attractive economically. The regulatory situation has improved as well. In the past, there were no regulations for renewable energy, and people were not allowed to tap into the network. Now, the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) has introduced a policy coming into effect in mid-2018 that allows the public to install solar panels and tap into the network.

DN Awareness has been on the ground for a long time, though mostly through scattered efforts, such as when individual companies, activists, and NGOs frequently carried out awareness campaigns and activities, such as beach clean ups. As the president of the Environmental Committee in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, the platform is utilized to get as many decision makers around one table, regardless of whether they are from private sector, government, or NGOs, and get people to work as one team to preserve our country’s resources and promote a circular economy that bridges the gaps between sectors and increases sustainability using a holistic approach.



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