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Antonio Hernán Hincapié

Executive Director, Ectricol

Since we began, there has been a significant regulatory change in Colombia. We managed to gain markets in large companies, and we focus on the development of products for enterprises in the oil sector. We are also linked with major Colombian companies in electric power distribution. One of the greatest landmarks of Ectricol history was developing 90% of the electric infrastructure in Campo Rubiales. We also established an R&D team that has been developing our products for five years. We are the largest company in the country in such manufacturing, though if we compare ourselves with international companies in this field, we have a 15-20% share. Among national companies, we cover 45-50%. In 2018, we had an important participation in construction and infrastructure sector, and we hope that will be the case next year as well.

Carlos Zambrano

President, Grupo Syz

We work with any industry that handles any kind of fluid that needs to be received, stored, processed, consumed, and/or delivered. We represent various top companies in Colombia that manufacture high-quality industrial equipment as instrumentation, automation, pumps, valves, and so on. We buy products directly from factories, promote them locally, and distribute them in all the markets we cover. Our main line has been instrumentation and automation for industrial applications, and mainly for custody, transfer, and application in the oil and gas market. However, due to the fall in crude oil prices, we started to open other types of industries that apply the same concepts used by the oil and gas industry. We are in charge of the technical and commercial support locally in each of our markets. The most important advantage is that we try to represent the manufacturers of industrial equipment of the highest quality. We try to represent the top of the market, so quality is the first factor.

Daniel Devia Torres

Manager & CEO, Daniel Devia Torres

Deviteck currently has 65% of the ITS market in Colombia. We were the first company to start electronic toll collection in the country and since then we have installed around 38 lines for electronic tolling as well as around 70,000 ID TAG stickers for vehicle identification. Our main experience lies in supplying systems for vehicle identification in line with the Ministry of Transport’s regulations and documentations. We also ensure consumer consulting at Deviteck follows regulation and ensure that the concession can get the right system and equipment. The first step is to consult on the technical specifications, produce the documentation, and finally supply and install the system. Our commitment to the sector and end users is important for us because the concessions themselves have contracts with the government for 20-30 years, which means they need a partner to share that concession for the next 30 years. We have a responsibility to be sustainable because our goal is to provide a national service on time.

Gabriel F. Navas

President & CEO, Colsein

In 30 years, we have approached all types of industries. Our biggest business was in the petroleum industry, namely refinery and production. One of our biggest projects was for Pacific Rubiales and all the fields it developed in Colombia for more than seven years. We were almost the only supplier for this company and installed more than 5,000 instruments. Another of our large projects was the refinery in Cartagena. We sold Skids and LACT units to many other customers in chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as SCADA software for plant management and factory floor automation and supervision to companies dedicated to plastic production, and also in the waste and clean water industry sector. Almost every industry in Colombia uses our products. We are extremely technologically oriented, which gives us an advantage in the market. We sell products from Germany and the rate of failure is less than 1%; we have not experienced returns because of bad quality.



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