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Ernesto Kruger

ECUADOR - Telecoms & IT

Software in Ecuador

CEO, Kruger Corporation


Given the immense rate of digitalization in Ecuador, software companies help firms apply the most appropriate technologies and achieve their digital transformations.

How do you help accelerate the digital transition of Ecuadorian companies?

ERNESTO KRUGER K-blockchain is a framework using the latest blockchain technology, and we intend for this disruptive technology to be within everyone’s reach. This disruptive technology is relevant to many elements that we need today, such as digital identity, traceability, and management of processes and procedures. For example, we have put into practice the traceability of agricultural products in Latin America including cocoa, shrimp, and cannabis, or fishery products in Europe. We have also implemented loyalty programs. These are just some of the things we are doing with blockchain. It is all about trying to form economic financial ecosystems with various players, and it has been quite useful because it generates this revolution. In Latin America, it is slightly more delayed, but there are individual drivers in different countries.

ANDRÉS MALDONADO In Ecuador, we have had interesting experiences in areas such as blockchain, mainly with food companies. We have an interesting example of a shrimp company that uses a blockchain version called IBM Food Trust, which specializes in monitoring food production chains. The main objective is to showcase the level of quality of their products in the market and differentiate themselves from international competitors. This is an interesting case in which we were able to apply certain technologies with them with concrete commercial and export objectives. This was one of the first cases in South America, which we are extremely proud of. At a global level, we have invested to create tools, products, and services aimed at helping our clients pursue digital transformation with no worries.

What solutions do you offer to protect data?

EK Our security unit is based in Spain. Beyond that, we provide preventive protection services to problems such as ransomware. Then, with certain strategic tools and trained people, we carry out defensive actions. There are also offensive actions, because we have to determine where the threat is coming from, how to proceed, and negotiate. There is a structure that handles not only the technological process but also the operationalization of a crisis that has occurred. Finally, it is important to understand that the issue of cybersecurity is a weapon, a military-grade weapon. As such, you have to treat it very delicately.

AM Cybersecurity is a key aspect of IBM Ecuador to ensure that clients that are openly going to the market will not fall victim to cybersecurity breaches that are so common today. IBM has a Security Operations Center (SOC) network in Latin America, Asia, and Europe that is connected. This network is useful in helping our clients proactively identify incidents. For example, if there is a massive malware attack in Spain, we can anticipate our response by warning clients in Latin America via an early warning system of potential risks. IBM has made significant investments in such solutions and made these services available for clients in Ecuador and across the region.

What are your priorities for 2022?

EK We are extremely interested in growing in Mexico and the US. In addition, we want to acquire a company in Spain and have an investment fund invest in us. We call it being an exponential company. As well, we have certain civic-minded initiatives within the company. We are staying in Ecuador because the environment feels better. Right now, we have to invest in the country and help the government to invest. Kruger is able to help modernize the state through technology. We are involved in several blockchain initiatives for the state: public procurement, health, social security, and others that will be beneficial to the country.

AM IBM Ecuador will continue to position its capacities regarding open hybrid cloud, AI, and security, the key aspects that the market needs to capture increasing profits, become more efficient, and continue to transform. We want to continue working closely with our clients, fully understanding the technologies that better apply to their business, realities, and current situations and walking hand-in-hand with them to achieve their digital transformations. These technologies will be part of our clients’ needs, and we have the abilities to help them on their journey to digital transformation. The hybrid cloud, AI, security, and blockchain are important points on our agenda, not only for 2022 but looking forward up to 2025.



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