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Estefaní­a Nájera Abraham

MEXICO - Finance

Estefaní­a Nájera Abraham

Director of Operations and Business, PayNways


Estefaní­a Nájera Abraham an industrial engineer with master’s in financial technology and is currently Director of Operations and Business in PayNways. She joined the company five years ago and has risen quickly. Working with PayNways has given her groundbreaking experiences with the ability to have a different perspective of the world and led me to believe that with correct vision and consistent execution growth can be exponential.

PayNways is targeting its solutions to ensure greater financial inclusion for the bottom of the pyramid and provide equal access to all digital offerings.

What do you consider to be your most important achievement of 2021?

PayNways has added four new customers in Mexico. This is just the beginning of the consolidation of our position in the Mexican financial market as a real-time payment service provider. Our products (PayGlobal360) for QR payment processing went live for BANXICO CODI in Mexico, which enables merchants and consumers to make and accept payments in real-time and instrumental in reducing the commission and fees-based structures in financial services offering, We continue to innovate and offer solutions to our customers to enable financial inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid, which continues to be one of our main objectives. Globally, we have opened offices in Canada and Dubai taking our direct presence count to five countries, including the US that is our headquarters, Mexico, and India. We are expanding our borders and reach new customers with focus on real-time payment services. We are excited about working at full capacity and registering market progress in starting quarters of 2022.

Can you talk about the projects that you plan to launch?

Our products (PayGlobal360) will feature the greater use of AI and blockchain technology for payments security and agility, which will transition into the next level to help us enable different regions and players for financial inclusion. We are also expanding our platform with the capabilities of being direct participant and provider of payments processing for crypto exchanges involving real-time and ACH, and it will be an integral to our future product offerings in all the markets.

What trends are you seeing in open banking and fintech? How does Mexico compare globally?

Global trends in open banking initiated and driven by players in Europe but now all countries are realizing that they need to be acceptable to this new change and establish norms and regulation to implement this as soon as possible. This is something that we are watching closely over the next few years given the speed of growth. Frontrunners such as UK are transforming their laws for banking to make it available to mass market. The market implementation and acceptance bar have been good for countries around Europe which are also included. Asia, the US, and Canada are also getting on board. It is not easy as this type of transformation requires coordinated effort from multiple partners such as the regulators, financial institutions, and consumers. In Mexico, it is amazing that the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) has published open banking standards, although the current scope is smaller. We will observe step-by-step how Mexico approach opening banking over the next few years.

What are your main goals for 2022?

We want to maintain our goal to simplify the real-time payments. As the industry evolves, we continue to focus on the mass market (the bottom of the pyramid) for greater financial inclusion. We believe that everyone is equally entitled to gain access to all the digital offerings, as the mass market is one of the deprived and unattended segments. It is important to bring everyone into financial ecosystem give them access to a bank account, which in today’s digital banking world is a basic need for all. Right now, only about 50% of Mexican population has a bank account. If focus is laid down on that segment, it will benefit and advance the financial and banking ecosystem in Mexico by a large margin. We intend to be a participant and key player in making this possible, and this is among one of our main goals for the coming years. We are looking to consolidate our offering around BANXICO CODI, SPEI, and SPID to enable financial institution and end customers with digital payments offering as world moves away from plastic towards digital payment methods. We want to consolidate our position in real-time payments services in Mexico and further in Latam to achieve leadership in the near future.



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