The Business Year

José Antonio Esparza Carvajal

Director General, Jardines de México

Renate Von Dorrer

Director General, Misión del Sol Resort & Spa

What do you offer to Morelos’ tourism sector? JOSÉ ANTONIO ESPARZA CARVAJAL Jardines de Mexico has 51 acres of gardens, including landscaping and associated services. We have nine different garden […]

What do you offer to Morelos’ tourism sector?

JOSÉ ANTONIO ESPARZA CARVAJAL Jardines de Mexico has 51 acres of gardens, including landscaping and associated services. We have nine different garden environments: the Japanese gardens; the Italian gardens; the labyrinth of the five senses—which includes an art gallery and monuments; the tropical garden, with an orchid area; the cactus garden, that represents the north of our country; the gardens of the four springs, and the fan of flowers, where each segment of the fan has different designs of flowers that surround our outdoors theater called Spectare. The children’s garden called Consentidos has three pavilions: the insect pavilion, the butterflies pavilion, and the DNA pavilion, where kids learn by playing. We also have a restaurant that offers Morelos’ gastronomy and aims to rescue pre-Hispanic cuisine for the region. We expect at least 200,000 people per year for the first years, and hopefully we can get up to 500,000 soon.

RENATE VON DORRER Since its opening to the public in 1996 as a new concept in Resort & Spa, Mision del Sol offers its guests a unique concept of relaxation, harmony and peace through special events, workshops and conferences, focusing on the importance of the union of body, mind and spirit health. Our mission is to promote health, science, consciousness, and art and ecology. All our activities and projects are directed to these themes. We are well-known as a destination spa worldwide, where everything is focused on health and well-being. As pioneers in this field, we introduced a new concept in spa culture to Mexico, we have been able to influence the evolution of the hotel industry in Mexico, one of the most important sources of income in the country. We also offer a variety of conferences with guest speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Steven Covey, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Johanna Garcia and the art exhibitions of many Mexican artists such as Sebastian, Marí­n, and Coronel among others. We encourage personal growth and well-being by providing our guests with complimentary yoga, tai-chi and meditation classes, led by highly-skilled instructors.

What investment projects do you have for the near future?

JASC We will soon have a hotel with 120 rooms. We will start work on it in 2015 and expect to complete it by the middle of 2016. We will be working under an ISO 9000 certification, and that can validate our work in terms of standards and quality. We will probably have an alliance with a private hotel company, and will commence negotiations in the second semester. We would probably want to replicate this model in other parts of Mexico, or in Latin America more broadly. We are also looking to be in flower commerce. Mexico active exports only around 20% of what Colombia does. We think we can do much more than that. We have the climate and all the conditions to grow high-quality flowers.

RVD We have developed a franchise for resort, spa, day-spa, operations, and consulting. We are also in the process of setting up a holistic clinic in the most modern and state-of-the art way as a complement to the existing resort and spa. It will offer alternative, homeopathic, and holistic health solutions, and offer integrative medicine. Section II of the Resort is already planned, as well as other ecological technology projects. We are interested in investors and foundations with a social approach. We also work in projects to reach young children with nutritional information. This social work exists since several years and has been active in many schools in Morelos.



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