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Hani Haddad

Managing Director, A&H Construction & Development


Our latest project, which we will be launching soon, is Deck 32. It is a luxury residential tower offering small-sized apartments. All apartments get a sea view starting from the 10th floor.


Green buildings are a priority for A&H. Most of our developments are specified and designed to very high standards that meet LEED certifications; however, we haven’t yet gone through the process of getting them officially certified.


There are some developers that have started shifting to smaller sized units recently to lower the unit cost. On the other hand, real estate outside Beirut has seen better performance as it is offering small-sized apartments.

Elie A. Harb

President, Coldwell Banker


We are focusing more on the commercial part of the business. Our prospects are in property management development and project consultancy.


If we compare 1H2013 to 1H2012, there is definitely a lag in the number of real estate transactions in the residential sector.


We have two projects in the pipeline. One is a commercial center, which I really believe in. The other is furnished apartments catering to the elite LAU students.

Guy Manoukian

CEO, Guy Manoukian


We came up with the idea of creating a village. We wanted everything nice in a community, but we didn’t want repetitious architecture. We assembled 11 architects and gave each a part of the project.


The Metn region is the best area in Lebanon, because it is undervalued and it is geographically beautiful. The Bkheir project is fantastic, and is currently under construction. The first 16 buildings are in the completion phase.


Aura just won the “best architecture“ award from the International Property Awards. It is one of the smallest projects in Erbil, but take it and put it in Lebanon, and you will feel that it is huge.

Massaad Fares

President, Prime Consult


Prime Consult develops projects and sells them to investors. We conduct research, put together a business plan, and seek out investors for the project.


Overall, 2013 has not been as good as past ones, given so many circumstances with the war in Syria. Investments go hand-in-hand with faith, and if there are doubts, then there are few investments.


My expectation is that we are all following the same trend; we are all moving toward smaller apartments, especially outside Beirut.

Georges Kamal

CEO, Acres Development


Lebanon is not an easy country to work in. Along with the unstable political environment, we face tough competition. Lebanon has everything; it is a small country but with low purchasing power compared to the other GCC countries.


As we all know, Lebanon is today facing a severe socio-economic and political crisis. Despite the situation, we are seeking good opportunities for sites in different regions of the country.


LeMall Dbayeh was launched in August 2012, and its success surpassed our expectations. Today, we welcome around 4 million visitors per year.



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