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Alejandro Arce

Director General, Zignia Live

Gonzalo Escamez Sada

Director General, Cintermex

How do you attract shows and/or events to your venue? ALEJANDRO ARCE People now have more information and are eager to have more shows that are playing in other parts […]

How do you attract shows and/or events to your venue?

ALEJANDRO ARCE People now have more information and are eager to have more shows that are playing in other parts of the world. In the 1990s, people did not have access to social media or know bands other than the big ones that came to Mexico. Today, kids have access to social media and want to have shows from Korea, the US, and Latin America. You need to research and see what shows are successful in the world, what the top tours are, and how they are making business across the world. You have to analyze data from radio, TV, Spotify, and obviously social media to understand what people are talking about and following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Mexico City is a top city; it may not have the same economy as London, New York, or LA, but there are similarities, so we have to check what shows are working in other major cities. In Monterrey, we compare it with cities like Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston. Some acts will work in Mexico City and not Monterrey, and this is a part of our research. You have to check different variables and understand the venue capacity, act, audience, local economy, and price in order to ensure that everything matches the target.

GONZALO ESCAMEZ SADA In 1993, the founders made a decision to follow the European model. In this model, the convention center also makes its own exhibitions. We founded a company called APEX, which organizes trade shows. We started to develop our own trade shows and eventually other organizers started showing interest in organizing their own shows. We work internally to develop things that are strategic for the region. If our current organizers are not interested in pursuing an area we want to develop, we give that project internally to APEX and they develop the show. We work with our own company as well as both national and international trade show organizers. We have grown to about 900 events each year and are now the second largest convention center in the country behind the World Trade Center in Mexico City. About 70% of our business is corporate due to the manufacturing vocation of the city. We do about 130 exhibitions a year, of which about 40% is B2B and the rest are B2C. In B2C, we probably have about a 45% market share in the country.

What makes you the best to work with for events compared to your competitors?

AA We own the two best venues in the country and in Latin America. The Mexico City venue is the most modern and state-of-the-art venue in Latin America. It holds 22,000 people, and the main center screen is the biggest screen for a venue of this capacity. It has two helipads, free parking for 5,000 cars for all of our shows, three restaurants and bars to visit before and after the event. It is better than many venues in the US, and in terms of the artists and productions, we have state-of-the-art production, backstage, catering and communications. There are many places in Mexico, but there are not many that work with state-of-the-art technology. We own two of them, and in Monterrey we have the biggest indoor venue. Those are the main advantages of working with us but we also have more experience than our competitors, with more than 14 years working in the market and organizing shows in stadiums, theaters, and our own venues.

GES Approximately 25% of our clients are international. We are close to the US border. The rest of the country does not focus on developing business with the US as much as Nuevo León does. And there is a lot of American influence compared to places like the Bají­o or Querétaro, because of the proximity and the fact there are about 2,800 businesses here. Overall, the city is well positioned for our business ,given the scope of trade between Monterrey and the US. One of the things that we see, especially from the international community, is that when they come they do not have the contacts or know the suppliers or market, so they depend on local people. With APEX, we help them promote the event, generate sales, and help with their logistics. We contact different associations and chambers to source qualified buyers for certain industries or products. Therefore, we do not only bring good exhibitors that bring in new technology and equipment, but also qualified buyers for successful trade shows.



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