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Juan Aurelio Moncada

COLOMBIA - Agriculture

Exceeding expectations

President, VECOL


Juan Aurelio Moncada holds a bachelor’s in business from EAFIT University and an MBA from the University of Bridgeport. He has served in leadership positions in various countries of the Americas for both Eli Lilly and Baxter International, before becoming president of VECOL in 2019.

TBY talks to Juan Aurelio Moncada, President of VECOL.

What have been some of the major developments over the last year?
VECOL is a well-recognized company in the market. We have been present in the veterinarian market in Colombia for 64 years, developing an excellent image and recognition because of our products. A very solid company, we are self-funded and have an excellent cash flow for future investments, which is something to consider for future growth. Equally important, the company’s employees have a strong sense of belonging and are highly committed to the company. In return, VECOL has always provided great benefits for its workers. VECOL has five plants that produce the aftosa vaccine (for foot and mouth disease) and other pharmaceuticals.

What strategy will the company implement in the coming year?
It is important to think about the next level in terms of regulatory demands from the government. Our plants are in line with the current requirements of the main regulatory body, but there are going to be new ones in the near future, so we have to update our plants accordingly. That requires an investment in order to not only meet new requirements, but also to exceed them and guarantee the quality of our products.

How does the Colombian agriculture sector compete in terms of exports?
It is important to differentiate between the animal health and agriculture sectors. We produce for the animal health sector, whereas we import for the agriculture sector. We are in the process of developing a strategic plan for the next five years with the support of a recognized consultancy. Our strategy will establish a clear path to develop new products in animal health and agriculture.



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