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Alexis Lecanuet

UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Telecoms & IT

Exceptional outcomes

Regional Managing Director, Accenture Middle East


Alexis Lecanuet is the Regional Managing Director for Accenture in the Middle East. Previously, he led and grew the company’s products portfolio in the MET region and was focused on onboarding and retaining the largest names in the retail business. Over his 22-year career with Accenture, he has commanded large, complex transformation projects across Europe, MENA, and Turkey. Lecanuet holds an MBA from ESCP Europe Business School and a degree in business finance from SKEMA Business School.

Accenture in the UAE looks to support innovation and industry though research, labs, start-up inclusion, innovation centers, and factories.

What is Accenture’s mandate within the UAE, and what makes the UAE a good regional base for an organization that is involved in strategy, consultancy, and digital transformation?
The UAE is an excellent market for Accenture due to its appetite for innovation and transformation. There is a strong willingness to transform and implement the best technological practices from other regions to create superior experiences for visitors, expatriates, and consumers. The UAE is a country with a long-term vision that aligns well with our aims. Accenture aims to enable transformation in a long-term context rather than addressing the short-term cost equation. We bring all the different kinds of support together, from strategy and technology to digital and operations. The UAE serves as a platform for the GCC market because it is a place where we can attract talent from all over the world.

The UAE aims to encourage deeper cooperation between the public and private sectors. Within the context of co-creation and realizing shared objectives, where have you observed productive outcomes as a result of deeper public-private sector engagement?
The Middle East has excellent opportunities for PPPs. The process has started for most of the ecosystem, so you can easily combine the public and private sectors to deliver superior results. Tourism is one obvious example where this combination can offer exceptional outcomes. Similarly, real estate and infrastructure PPPs are converging together to deliver smart cities. Infrastructure, along with the energy transition, is another such area. Accenture aims to help this process. Our global business is mostly private-sector driven, so the collaboration between the two sectors is something that is at the core of our DNA.

What were the driving factors behind the establishment of Accenture’s hospitality and tourism innovation hub?
Our annual innovation maturity index for the UAE indicates areas of potential. We estimate that USD575 billion is the trapped value that can be unlocked through digital transformation and the extensive use of digital technology. We assess how to bring data analytics, blockchain technology, and AI into an applied context for an industry. Moreover, we decided to localize what Accenture globally calls “innovation architecture.” We support innovation and industry through research, labs, start-up inclusion, innovation centers, and factories. The tourism innovation hub aims to bring in ideas from elsewhere to create an environment that will shape innovation in the Middle East. The aim is to have the ability to accelerate and apply those innovations with relevance to the local and global markets. Within our innovation hub, we are leveraging data because we believe in the data revolution and the ability to capture, manage, and use data to make effective decisions. This is a game-changer. According to our studies, on average, around 70% of businesses are not yet ready in terms of capturing, managing and using data in their daily decision making. That ability is one of the key drivers of digital performance, and this is what we support through our innovation hub.

Accenture is the digital services partner of Dubai Expo 2020. What are your expectations for the event?
Accenture is a premier partner of Expo 2020. Before the event, we have been involved in different capacities. During the event, our role is to deliver a superior experience to visitors. We aim to showcase the potential of Accenture, so we will bring some global content and make it accessible at the Expo site. Most of our global clients will be brought to the Expo on a curated visit to show them the latest from the world in their specific industries or areas of interest within the Expo’s theme of mobility, opportunity, and sustainability. Overall, we are excited about being able to do this and have an impact on Accenture’s global agenda.



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