The Business Year

Patricia De Moya


Experience Matters

Editor-in-Chief, Mercado Media Network (Revista Mercado)


Patricia De Moya is the Editor-in-Chief of Mercado Media Network, a company that creates and publishes publications for the world of business. She injects her personal style into each publication, and Mercado has secured interviews with personalities such as Steve Forbes, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gustavo Cisneros, and Oscar de la Renta.

Revista Mercado has positioned itself as a leader on the back of 25 years of experience, consistent quality work, and the objectivity of its editorial and commercial team.

What are the main sectors that work with media outlets in the Dominican Republic?

There are various international media outlets in the Dominican Republic. In addition, over the years several local media outlets have established a presence in the market, and some of them represent important chains and publishing houses. The Dominican Republic is a small country despite having one of the highest economic growth rates in Latin America. The country’s advertising sector concentrates on two sectors: retail and telecommunications, followed by alcoholic beverages, which are increasingly subject to tax regulations. International investors and the local business community have shown great interest in investing to promote tourism and renewable energies, especially wind and solar. Given the country’s climate, geographical location, and political stability, the market represents attractive opportunities for those interested in the tourism and energy sectors.

How is Revista Mercado planning to face upcoming challenges in the industry?

With 25 years of experience, Revista Mercado has positioned itself as a leader on the back of consistence quality work and the objectivity of the business journalism that develops its editorial and commercial team. Revista Mercado has now joined its corporate events unit and digital platform. The local media landscape presents a great challenge for traditional media, which depend on large structures that are no longer profitable. Thus, the traditional press is now forced to reinvent itself, following the latest trends and changes in the field of media across the world.

What is Mercado’s outlook for 2019?

2019 is an extremely important year for Mercado and Mercado Media Network Magazine because of the development of the company’s Mercado Exchange unit and the advent of new editorial projects. The consolidation of Mercado’s digital platform continues to be one of its great challenges. To tackle that and other challenges, we have developed a cross-border strategy to capture the interest of the Spanish-speaking business community.



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