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MEXICO - Finance

Fabián Ferrari

Manager Director, Getnet


Fabián Ferrari is Managing Director of Getnet México. He has a degree in economics with a specialty in finance. He holds over 20 years of experience in banking, having led various departments within Santander, including corporate banking, treasury, and others. Over the past three years, he has been in charge of developing Santander’s strategy for acquisition and incentivized the acceptance of cards in the Mexican market, helping report double-digit levels of growth YoY.

“In Mexico, there are 180,000 clients already connected to the PagoNxt platform.”
Getnet has become a leader in payment solutions in Mexico, with innovative solutions for public transportation, merchants, and customers.
How did Getnet win the Platinum Award in innovation from Fintech Americas?

We won because we helped implement open payments in the mass transportation payment system, Metrobus, in Mexico City. This enables 1 million users per day to pay with their cards through contactless payment, making a significant positive impact on society. There is a sustainable aspect of this project as well—people save time, which is an enormous social benefit, and we also contribute with the media environment because with this initiative there is less need for plastic.

In what other ways is Getnet working on promoting financial inclusion in Mexico?

Getnet, a PagoNxt company, is a great solution for payments from Santander Group. We have a great financial group backing this project. With the Santander group, we can make deposits to other banks and work with other players in the financial system. What we are doing is a game changer in the market and enables people in Mexico City to go from one place to another.

How many divisions does PagoNxt have?
PagoNxt has three important divisions. One is PagoNxt Merchants Solutions, which is Getnet, offering clients payment services. Another division is Trade Finance with Ebury, enabling our clients to transfer money between Santander accounts from one country to another in a simple and quick way. The third division is Super Digital, in which we will launch credit cards into the market for the masses to bank all those who have not been able to obtain a card yet. We will also be releasing a product so all our clients with a debit card can pay for their purchases with installments. It is similar to offering a small credit to those with debit cards. In Mexico, there are 120 million debit cards and only 30 million credit cards. This represents a big market opportunity that we will take care off, giving them the possibility of buying something they previously could not, without interest.

What are the main differences between Super Digital and the existing credit cards in Santander?

The difference is the target market. Santander reaches the high and classic markets, but there is also a massive bottom market. Super Digital aims to be a payment method for that sector.

How many users do you currently have on the PagoNxt platform?

In Mexico, there are 180,000 clients already connected to the PagoNxt platform. This platform provides trade abilities and opportunities for merchants to send, for example, tips to their employees through a digital card. This is part of an ecosystem we are developing to serve businesses in the best possible way. We are also helping a variety of clients, from the professional who wants a card to an airline with international presence. For example, for professionals we have the Tap to Phone app, which they only have to download to their phones to receive card payments. For bigger clients, we have a payments center that can deal with their online shopping, the card receipt in POS, and their call center selling over the phone, even with AI. We want to be seen as the company that helps merchants thrive and sell more.

Apart from PagoNxt, what other trends do you see in the finance sector in Mexico or Latin America?

We are testing a concept of cryptocurrencies approval, which are used mainly in emerging markets where local currencies are not strong. Some users have decided to switch to crypto so we want to provide them simple ways of doing that or changing it to dollars. It is still something that we have to analyze and determine if it is feasible. We aim to help cities use less cash. We are also conducting tests on toll booths and other public places to pay with cards, and we will continue testing concepts, innovating and talking to key players to work on this, because in Getnet we have rooted in our culture to imagine, care, and simplify.



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