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Fahad Naif Alfaqeer



An entrepreneur, Fahad Naif Alfaqeer’s experience covers the establishment, implementation, and management of new businesses including the selection and creation of strategic partnerships, both locally and internationally. In addition to his business role, Alfaqeer is involved in many social activities.

“We strive to work at the highest standards of professionalism and keep in mind a clear vision for our future.”
Working to provide trained and specialized human resources in nearly every sector, AL MAWARID COM stands out for its ability to cover the needs of any sector or service.
Can you introduce AL MAWARID COM, its companies, and its core activities?

We are a national group formed based on social responsibility and building value through hard work and quality of output. We seek to contribute to creating a fertile and productive environment for our valued customers, allowing them to offer their services and products according to the standards of balanced performance that ensures continuity, thus, reducing the proportion of risks expected. Therefore, we strive to work at the highest standards of professionalism and keep in mind a clear vision for our future. The real investment lies in focusing on human resources, which have proved to be the key to success and progress at all levels. In our group, we focus on the provision of specialized national cadres and the recruitment of trained manpower and contributing to public- and private-sector programs that deal with the same context. At the same time, we are aware of the size of the investment sector and the great need to create a supportive services sector. We strive to meet the needs of the labor market and keep pace with the growing demand for human resources by providing trained and specialized human resources. The company is specialized on wide range of activities: recruitment, training, consultancy, outsource services, general contracting. We operate as well in the real estate sector and in debt collection; over the years, we have managed to successfully expand our business in travel and tourism, cleaning and maintenance services, advertising, and lighting and sound services. We are a solid company and managed to avoid the impact of the pandemic. The government’s support and its guidance in dealing with this pandemic was the first booster. Internally, having strong financial assets and a solid risk management methodology also allowed us to preserve all the human assets.

What specific sectors of the national economy are you involved with and where do you foresee an increasing demand coming from?

We serve every single sector of the economy; we are ready to meet any of our clients’ needs independently despite the sector or industry they are working in. The sectors and types of industries that we cover are based on the needs of our clients. The future of the national economy will rely on specialized industries, as well as on the healthcare sector, IT, tourism, and entertainment. We currently have around 1,200 Saudi employees and around 4,000 non-Saudi workers; we extend our services from labor all the way to consultants and can provide them all to our clients. We have a strategic partnership with different sectors; we provide consultancy services and help companies reach their goals for Vision 2030. In healthcare, especially, we also have around 35 nurses in that service and can also provide therapy. This unit provides care for people in their homes whenever they need services or treatment. We can also cover the needs of the real estate and construction sector as well and can provide specialized engineers as well as the labor. There is also a huge boom in this area.

Your division, Ruwwad, has more than 20 years of experience in event services. How is this division capitalizing on Saudi Arabia’s growing entertainment industry?

The entertainment industry is booming in the country, and we are capitalizing on that engaging with the key events happening in the country. We have the experiences that allow us to understand the needs in this sector. We have both a national and expat expert team, and we operate using a state-of-the-art technical equipment, material, and technologies. We are a one-stop shop within this sector. We have modern technologies and experts, and we engage in the leading ceremonies and events through the entire nation. We work with different partners and have clients from both the public and private sectors. We have been there for government events, especially in Jeddah. We will work hard until we are one of the largest, and we can manage events from A to Z.



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