The Business Year

Faisal T. Bouzo

Co-Founder & Partner, Construction & Planning Co.

Tarek F. Al Ajlani

Co-Founder & Partner, Construction & Planning Co.

With public spaces and entertainment areas becoming increasingly important in Saudi Arabia, the local construction sector will seek to provide more diverse options and innovative solutions.

What are some of your signature projects in Saudi Arabia?

FAISAL T. BOUZO We designed and executed the headquarters fit-out of many multinational companies in Saudi, such as Apple Inc., Deloitte, Strategy&, and Deutsche Bank among others. We also did the offices of several strategic governmental projects including the Red Sea Development Co. and the G20 headquarters. Another interesting project was the headquarters for the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC). We also fully executed the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). We are currently involved in the construction and fit-out of over nine AMC theaters across Saudi Arabia. The entertainment sector is proving to be a promising one, especially cinemas. We are fully capable in utilizing our extensive experience, especially in acoustics and auditorium designs, to complete high quality theaters for an excellent cinematic experience. Saudi is now witnessing the establishment of grand projects such as opera houses and concert halls. We look forward to be key players in this growing industry.

MISHAEL O. ALSHATHRI In 2018, we started the company with a Greek friend that we have known for about 15 years. We discussed the many novel opportunities in new sectors that no one had explored before, such as entertainment. We like being a part of the country’s vision and helping in any way. That led us to tapping into the entertainment sector. In that sector, there were a few choices we had to choose from, and one was cinema. Being a movie and cinema fanatic myself, I believe it is always much better to do something that you are passionate about. This is how CINE started. In terms of direction for the next few years, we are talking about entertainment clusters. Essentially, it is about expanding the existing specialty we have in auditoriums, cinemas, and all of that, which is obviously the direction and the investments the country is making right now.

How do you incorporate the latest technology into your projects?

FTB At the beginning of every project and alongside the client’s collaboration, we gather the requirements of the business operation and advise the client on the best possible technologies that will help their business. Then, our role is to incorporate these technologies into the designs.

TAREK F. AL AJLANI Moreover, there is definitely a move toward sustainability and environmental friendliness, so in some of the projects we are doing we utilize mechanical, electrical and low-current technologies to achieve sufficient sustainability such as the incorporation of motion-detecting lighting controls that utilize just the right amount of light for the task.

What are your key differentiating areas?

MOA When it comes to cinema, there are many things that go into our work: the acoustic part, the experience of doing projects in a short time, the experience of renovating an existing area and turning that into something the client is pleased with, and creating a great cinematic experience for the client. All of these are differentiating aspects that make up our pillars. One of the reasons why CINE exists in the first place is because we have experience in these areas and excellent international partner who knows the technical parts. We have an amazing international partner, and we are growing our partnership with him every month and every year.

What are some of the projections and goals for the company in the coming years?

TFA We are looking to expand more in the Gulf region. We are also enriching our company staff with more and more Saudi talents, ranging from administrative positions to designers and on-site engineers.

FTB Furthermore, we are looking to soon achieve a high level of Saudization in high ranking professions such as technical positions. C&P’s CSR program includes partnering with Prince Sultan University, where its interior and architecture graduates undergo their internships in our offices. Based on their work performance and upon the completion of their degree, we eventually hire them to become part of C&P full-time employees.



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