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MEXICO - Industry

Fernanda Guarro Hernández

President & CEO, 3M Mexico


Fernanda Guarro Hernández joined 3M in 2020 as corporate affairs execution and management director and assumed the role of President & CEO of 3M Mexico in 2022. She is a supply chain executive with 20-plus years of experience in all aspects of supply chain, the management of highly complex projects, and business analysis. Her career was spent in companies such as DuPont, Monsanto, Sanofi Mexico, and Merck. She won the National Logistics Award in 2017 and the Exceptional Women of Excellence in Business Award from the Women Economic Forum in 2022, as well as President of the United Way Mexico Procurement Committee from 2021. Guarro Hernández holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Universidad Anáhuac and a master’s degree in supply chain management from EOI in Spain.

"2022 was important because it is 3M’s 75th year in Mexico."
What role does Mexico play in 3M’s international strategy?

2022 was important because it is 3M’s 75th year in Mexico. We are pleased with what we have achieved so far and the impact we have on the development, evolution, innovation, and economy of the country. We have almost 10,000 employees in Mexico and four manufacturing plants, one in San Luis Potosí, one in Ensenada, one in Monterrey, and one in Ciudad Juarez. We have the innovation center, where we are today, which we use to showcase our solutions and products to different markets and invite clients, students, and the general public here to learn more about science. One of our main goals is to change lives through science and solve the key problems that the world is facing. We also have an R&D center in San Luis Potosí. Over our years in Mexico, we have registered 239 patents, which confirms how important innovation is for us. We are among the top 10 subsidiaries whereby the value that we offer globally is huge. We are extremely happy with what we do for our country and the potential and development of M3 on a global scale.

Is Mexico an important export hub for the company?

In Mexico, we commercialize more than 15,000 products from a massive portfolio. We are working with four major business groups, industrial and safety, transportation & electronics, consumption, and healthcare. Within these four business groups are 23 different industries. 3M is interesting for the sheer scope of its solutions offered. We know our science can help in solving multiple problems because we are not focused on just one area or industry. Our four plants export to 23 countries, which means we reach practically every continent and are part of the economic engine.

How much of your production stays in Mexico and how much do you export?

We have plants that are for national and Latin American consumption, while other plants mainly cater to the North American market and some of Europe and Asia. The strategy depends on the location and specialization of the plant. Our plant in San Luis Potosí specializes in fibers, personal protection, and respirators; however, during the pandemic, we tripled production to meet the increased demand. We also have abrasives and adhesives and tapes. In San Luis de Potosí, we are also an important hub for the automotive industry. Bajío is a strategic zone, and we are present there. At our plants in the north, such as in Monterrey, we are more focused on water and air filtration. Ensenada is a hub for the aerospace industry, and again, is why we have a plant there. The Juarez plant is focused mainly on consumer market, notably air filtration, and also on our brand products such as Scotch-Brite, Post-It, Command, and Micropore. The plant also focuses on some of the automotive industry, with abrasives, among other products. These plants are highly specialized, depending on their geographic location.

What main scientific trends has 3M identified in Mexico?

We have a study called State of Science Index, now in its sixth edition, that involves surveying 17,000 people in 17 countries. It has found that 75% of Mexicans between the ages of 18 and 24 believe in science. However, this group of people knows there is a lot of misinformation in the media and social media. We have committed to becoming part of this generation by providing information through data. In this study, we also talk about STEM equality, since more than 90% of people believe this is necessary. In 2021, we commenced an analysis of megatrends with the participation of thousands in Mexico and found three major megatrends. One is the new paradigm, namely the new way we interact with others using technology and virtually. Another trend has to do with AI and augmented reality, which has become workaday since the pandemic. The last trend concerns sustainability. It is clear how valuable the impact on green economies is and how the sustainability factor of a product is decisive for consumers.



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